Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

I have heard that Springtime in the south is beautiful.
The weather is supposed to be amazing.

I beg to differ :)
The humidity has begun.
I have decided I need to invest in some shorts.
I do not own one.single.pair.
But living down here in Texas, it is a MUST!!!

Wednesday means I get to tell you what I love right now

I love our new bed spread from Bed Bath and Beyond (thank you registry gifts!!)
It is gray, yellow and white. Colors I have never had before. We love it :)
{pictures to come soon}

I love that Tony and I went on a double date to the Stockyards in FW the other night.
Went to a real country bar. Like where the guy is on stage playing his guitar hoping to get noticed kinda bar.
Where the bartender is like 60 and looks like this is all she has done her entire life.
We had a lot of fun.

I love the mangoes and strawberries we bought from Costco.

I love that my legs are getting much more toned.
I love that Tony told me the other day that I have a very sexy back.

I love that Aarika and I text each other about the most random things that wouldn't make sense to anyone else in the world, but totally make sense to us. That we can talk about anything from guys to poop to how we can be bitches to each other.
That is our amazing relationship.
I love everything about it :)

I love that I got two free undies from VS the other day.
It is always nice to shop at VS and NOT have to pay ;)
Go link up with Jamie and tell us what you love today :)


Suze said...

You have lots to be loving girl! so glad things are going pretty great your way! yes the humidity in the south is no where near fun! i do love some strawberries though! free panties from VS- SCORE love it! hooray for legs toning up, so awesome! that is special relationship you have with your sis , soooo sweet! hope you have a great Wednesday!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I love those mangoes too!

ty said...

The humidity IS terrible. It's almost time for the Chi to be put away until late September-ish. It started early this year!!

Caroline said...

I love not having to pay for undies! Happy Wednesday!

kebowman said...

lucky you! 2 free pair?? i'm jealous! :)

i'm having a giveaway over at my blog! If you're interested in checking it out, here is the link:

Kit said...

I love free undies from VS!!!
Love this post!
Great things you are loving today!

The Burtons said...

I like the "what I love Weds" I might have to steal that idea from you! When we lived in TX last year I had to invest in shorts too and have NEVER been a fan! It does get HOT- wait until August! :)


Sarah the Writer said...

Those strawberries look DELICIOUS! (I know they're not the real ones, but still.)

I so wish I had a sister or friend to text with the way you do your sister. The closest I have is my mom but we don't have THAT kind of relationship :(

Yay for date nights with the hubby! I'm hoping that if and when I ever get married, we'll do date nights too (different from what my parents do, though). I just need to know what exactly a date is like first...

AMY said...

No shorts? What?!!
Have fun shopping.

Aarika Marie said...


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