Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Good Mornin'!!
It is a beautiful sunny morning.
I am wearing a tank and flip favorite :)

Even though we are going through some rough times right now.
Even though we are struggling, there are still things I love in my life.
So I am linking up with Jamie to tell you :)
I love getting woken up to this

I love having our own place...again :-D

I love that I we get to decorate our apartment.

I love that we live close to work, so our vehicle gas bills won't be too high.

I love that we have room to workout again. This last week at mom's new house was kinda shitty because there is absolutely zero room to do our at home workouts. So it has been about a week and a half since we have worked out :(
Can't wait to do BodyRock workouts again

I love that we will being able to cook healthy (again). It is kind of difficult to cook all the things you want to at someone else's house. Now that we are alone (again) we can cook like we used to. Doesn't this meal look delish?!!? This is a staple meal in our house.

I love that we will be animal dog free. Dog hair free. Dog barking free. Dog poop free.
We will have a dog one day, but it will be so nice to be away from it for a least in our own place.

I love that I have the most wonderful, sexy, kind, caring husband!

What are you loving today?!?


Brittany said...

What a sweet text : ) Visiting from Jamie's Link up!

AMY said...

Great list of LOVES today!

Awesome text...awwww very sweet!
Enjoy all those things about having your own place!!!

Greer's Gossip said...

Great things to be loving today! That text is too sweet! :)

Tiff said...

Love the wedding picture, so pretty!

Pamela said...

How cute are you two! I just found your blog, off of Jamie's link up! That's great that you live so close, that will def help with these high rising gas prices! Ugh. I woke up to a text like that this morning!! :) gotta love sweet hubbys!!