Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Man oh man, it is super humid out today.
Like seriously...wow!!!
I worked out to BodyRock this morning
and my oh my was I sweating like a pig.
Don't get me wrong it felt great, but since we do not turn the air on...
the humidity felt a millions times stronger because I was exercising.

I saw this over at Lillypie this morning.
Thought is was a super cute post.
So I decided to play along :)
Go check out Laura's blog.
You will love it!!!

I believe in wearing flip flops...even in the rain or snow

I believe in walking around naked {in the privacy of our home of course}

I believe in Iced Coffee/Espresso every.day.single

I believe the smell of the ocean brings happiness

I believe being tan brings a whole new sexiness to a woman

I believe in marriage. I believe in our marriage. I believe God brought Tony and me together to spend eternity with one another.

I believe sisterhood is a relationship stronger than words

I believe Victoria's Secret is the only place to buy undies

I believe child's laughter brings so much joy

I believe in love

What do you believe in?