Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hair Debate

First off...
Thank you so so much for all the sweet comments yesterday :-)

I go back and forth all the time
on whether I should cut my hair.

I hate doing it because it takes so freakin long.
It is so thick.
It is long, like to my bra strap on my back.
It is wavy.
Just plain takes forever!!
What to do?!?!
What to do?!?!

I love long hair.
It's sexy.

I love short hair.
It's cute.

I am not the greatest stylist.
I don't even know how to french braid {anyone else lame like me?}.
I recently, like within the last year or so, learned how to properly use a curling iron {seriously, so lame}.

Sometimes I even think about going blonde again.
Oh the hair debate!!!
It is never ending.
Any suggestions?!?!


David and Elizabeth said...

haha I can't french braid either!

Lindsay said...

Well with THOSE pictures I like both too :) I am the worst at styling my hair. LOVE the loose curls though. I say keep it long if its thick! YOU are so lucky!

MJ said...

Story of my life!! I just trimmed my hair to a little bit above my shoulders and that's good for me. Mine is super thick and wavey/curly and I have not a bit of talent when it comes to doing hair.

BUT with that, thick/wavy hair is easier when longer I've decided. I had to chop it all off to realize that though.

Also, I am just as lame...have no clue how to french braid :)

Sarah the Writer said...

I can't French braid either OR use a curling iron! I can't even do a regular braid down my back - my hair has to be in pigtails in order for me to braid my hair and I haven't done that in 5 years (seems a bit childish to me now even though it didn't then. Weird).

I wear my hair shoulder-length but have let it grow longer just out of an inability to get to a hair salon. For someone like me who barely does more with her hair than brush it and put it in a ponytail, it's a good length. I've even had it chin-length, which is really short and somewhat easy to manage (though not always great for the cute clips that I like to wear). If you want something easy to manage, I'd suggest cutting it shoulder-length.

Rebekah said...

I can't french braid! My sister taught herself how to do it when we were young and I always had her do it for me. I'm growing my hair out right now and it's killing me. I'm in that awful in between phase but I'm sticking it out!

Ashley said...

I just donated a lot of my hair this past weekend -- I want some else I know to have short hair with me haha!
Short is a great look for summer =) AND it will grow back.

Eric's Mommy said...

I can't french braid either.
I love having long hair and then I get fed up with it and get it cut and get fed up with it being short. I can't win, but if I had a choice I would stay with my long hair, it can always go in a ponytail when it's hot.

Lindsay @ My Happily Ever After said...

I can't french braid either :( I've tried watching video tutorials and I seriously just don't get it lol

I go back and forth on whether or not to chop my hair off, color it, etc..mine is long and thick aka takes for ever to do too! But the last time I got it cut short I was happy for like a week and then missed my sexy long hair, so I try to just let the urge to chop it off pass from now on!

Libby's Life said...

I can barely do my own hair! I wish I could afford to have someone do it every single day! Because then it would actually look cute rather than always worrying that I didn't do it very cute!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh I wish I knew how to french braid too!

Ashley said...

I am super hair illiterate too! Pretty much just learned to use a curling iron, and I can barely do a tiny french braid in the front part of my hair... it's a struggle!

I love all of the hair pictures that you chose, but then you have to think about styling them. That's how I decide how to cut my hair. If it's going to take tons of time to make my short hair look great, then I would go with a different style. If you usually wear it straight, then I would try and choose a style that works without much maintenance.

That's just my 2 cents though. Can't wait to see what you choose! (:

Lindsay said...

ok well now that I know I am not the only one who cannot french braid, i dont feel so lame :)
i guess some girls are lucky to get that style niche with hair lol

kimberly said...

Hey Beautiful!! I could never french braid...until I had the girlies and tried over and over (my mom is french braid queen so it had to be in my blood!! lol)and finally got it...they aren't perfect, but I'm getting better!! My fingers get all tangled half of the time! ;o)

I love your hair long and dark...it looks great with your skin! But you will look amazing whatever you decide!

See you Sunday!!! Wooooohoooo!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Girl you're not the only one who can't braid or use a curling iron! haha I have the same boring hairstyle all the time and need to seriously change it up soon!

Love the inspiration pics you posted... I am having the same debate lately. My hair is very long and I grew it out long for our wedding but now I'm feeling adventerous and want to cut it short. But the hubs doesn't like short hair, and I do feel skinnier and sexier with long hair.. Oh the decisions! :)