Wednesday, May 4, 2011


What happened to the warm weather?!?!
It was 47 degrees when I left for work yesterday morning.
47!!! Are you serious?!?! It is May!!

I looked at the weather back home in all the cities our family lives in and guess what
It is bright and sunny and WARM!!
I am sticking my tongue at all of you in California :-P

Today Tony & I are both off.
We are spending the day together.
Work out
Get coffee
Exchange a wine glass at PB, that broke after two times using it :-/
Make taco salad for dinner
I think Tony should give me a massage tonight...that sounds so wonderful :)

Today is the day I link up with Jamie to tell you all the things I

I love watching the lightening storms we have been having

I love that we have internet again! I havent been able to blog as regularly without...
now I am back and in full force ;)

I love the coupon holder Tony got me. I love cutting coupons.
Did you know you can even download coupons to your iphone?!?
For Kroger.
I also have an app for CVS, Target and Walgreen, so I can view the weekly ads and know what is on sale when I shop.
I love it!!

I love hate that the constant change in weather has made me sick yet again :(

I love blogging.
I enjoy writing about random stuff.
Real life stuff.
Fun stuff.
I love that I have 143 followers!!
Thank you all for following along and reading what I have to say.
I never thought I would have so many people sharing in this blog with me :)

I love that we are planning a trip back to California in the very near future.
That means I get to go to the beach!!!

I love that my manager asked me to be in charge of our store while she is on vacation for 10 days.
I know it isn't much. I actually don't get any reward or compensation out of it, but the fact that I am in charge is enough. That I was chosen out of all the other supervisors.
Kinda boosts the ego :)

I love that I got two pair of shorts at Banana Republic.
I actually really like this store now.
They are super comfy.
Not booty shorts, I feel like a real adult now that my shorts aren't super short.
Is that weird?
All my other shorts I owned in the past were super short and I wore them when I was younger...ok maybe last year ahaha, but still. these shorts are defnitely more appropriate for my age.
{I got them in gray/slate and dark blue}

I love the fact that I got 20% off an item at BR after buying these shorts.
I had to do an online survey, but hey...if that means I get $$ off, then I am all for it :)
So I did the survey and got a black v-neck blouse for like $10.
After paying for that, I got another survey to get yet another 20% off!!
I did the survey, but haven't purchased anything yet.
Survey takes like 3 it is totally worth it!! :)

Of course I love my husband.
He puts a smile on my face

Hope you are all enjoy your Wednesday!!


Our Family of Four said...

YAY for new clothes!! And YAY for vacations!! Hope your having a great Wednesday!

Kate said...

Ah, I love what you're loving! And I love that you used the Huntington pier as a photo and that you got those sper cute shorts. Now I want some, LOL!!!

Suze said...

The weather is messing up my sinuses and allergies so i certainly understand !

I love those BR shorts you bought!

what an accomplishment or compliment that manager left YOU in charge! CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! you deserve it!

Enjoy your day with the hubs :)

Kit said...

Looks like you have some awesome things you are loving right now!!! YAY for being in charge!

Hilary Anna said...

I LOVE your blog! And, it's like 50 degrees here too! What in the world, take me to the beach! haha :)

Eric's Mommy said...

You deserve to be in charge! YEAH!!
We've actually had some nice weather here on the east coast, but not today, it is rainy and cool.
Enjoy your day off with Tony :)

Natalie and Lee said...

Stopping by from WILW link... love the shorts you chose, it's so hard to find shorts a decent length and these are perfect! Going to check the out now! Oh, and yay for being in charge! WAY TO GO:)

Marcie said...

Coupons and Kroger.... 2 of my favorite things!!

Dana said...

Wonderful things to love! And I must say, that we are having ah-maz-ing weather here in sunny Cali. It was in the 90's yesterday ;) I don't even know what 47 degrees feels like. jk! I wish you sunshine and hope you make it out this way soon!

love, dana