Friday, May 27, 2011

Off To Santa Barbara

We are off to Santa Barbara to see Aarika.
See her new place.
Her own place.
Staying with her tonight and hanging out with her all day tomorrow.

Super excited to hang out in SB and the beach and walk around and be outside.

Then on Sunday I get to 'spoon' with one of my best friends, Kimberly.
Haven't seen her since August, so it will be so great to chat for a while.
from my shower
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!!


Ashley said...

sounds like lots of fun! have a great time and be safe!

Lindsay said...

Have the BEST time! I love that town!

AMY said...

I'm mega jealous....its beautiful there!

Megan said...

Found you on Ma Nouvelle Mode's blog :). And loveeee your photos!!!!

Saw you asked question regarding text on photos there (which I'm so sure Natalia got back to u already because she is super-efficient I dunno how she does it!), but just incase- you can use either photoshop or . Both allow text on photos. While photoshop can be thousands of dollars! Picnik is wayyyy cheap- just a few bucks a month! Hope things work out hun! Happy weekend!