Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Things {I Want}

I am sitting home alone today
as Tony is at work.
Not feel too well. Something is going on.
Last night I was burning up.
My face was hot. My body was hot.
I have been having the sniffles and running nose.
Not a good situation over here.

I love to browse the internet looking for things I want to buy.
Although, I cannot, it is still fun to look.
Every girl wishes should could buy new clothes, accessories, purses, etc
I sure as hell do :)

I am trying to expand on the style I wear.
I am trying to be a little more my age, but still also dress cute and classy and sexy.
Hope that makes sense {haha}
There are a lot of cute accessories out there that I would love to buy, but I always feel like it just isn't me.
Aarika always tells me to just branch out.
So I need to.
I want to.
Here are some things I think are super cute

Happy Thursday!


Sarah the Writer said...

You found some really pretty accessories. I bet you'd look fabulous in them :)

As much as I hate to shop, I do love to look while waiting for my mom and grandma to shop. Even at clothes and shoes, which (ironically) I hate shopping for the most (trust me - I AM female! I promise!). It's always nice to see the different styles and patterns, I guess.

Ugh - I've been that sick before. It totally sucked! I was glad to be better. Just get lots of rest and take some cold meds or something. Get well soon!

Mrs Smoke said...

I know what you mean about dressing your age. It can sometimes be hard in the professional world to dress cute but still professional. I just use lots of cute accessories to make up for boring work clothes!

AllyRae said...

I looove the cuffs! Super cute! Hope you feel better very soon!

Victoria said...

totally acceptable about the things you want...I want them too.

Romance In A Glance said...

I'd take those too! Love the bangles!

AMY said...

LOVE those bracelet cuffs.....adorable!