Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

I am in the process of changing my blog around.
I changed the title.
I want to change the look.
So bare with me if it looks a little off.

Friday morning Tony and I woke up and after a bit of piddling around,
we decided to go to Santa Barbara to visit Aarika.

We got there in the early afternoon and stopped off at her work.
I of course looked around her store and found a few tops I wouldn't mind having, but I refrained :)
She took her break a bit after we got there and we walked to Blenders.
She has been raving about this jamba juice type place, but says it is WAY better.
So we had to try it.
It did not disappoint.

Can you tell it was pretty breezy? 

See, I wasn't lying the other day...that 'friend' is HUGE!!!
{didn't feel like editing it out...lol}

Friday night Tony and I were on our own until Aarika got off work at 9pm.
We drove around for a while trying to see the area. Ok, so she lives in Isla Vista...basically.
I have never been to a real college town, this was a shocker!! I went to a communter type 4 year....just your basic college, nothing crazy.
I have never seen a place like this. I wasn't a partier, so seeing all this craziness was a huge shocker.
Like huge!!!
There were girls half naked, even though it was like 60 degrees and breezy.
Everyone was riding their bikes everywhere. It was just something I had never seen. I was totally intrigued.
We drove by the freshman dorms, I think, and this is what we saw.
Now tell me how on earth do you find your bike amongst this!?!?!?!?
They all look the same. There are probably about 10,000 bikes just in this little area.
I was in awe...seriously. It just blew my mind. Still kinda does.
The college life is something I never experienced like these people did. I wish I had, but God had other plans for me...all I have to say is, I will make my kids go away to college so they can experience this part of life.
I missed out on that.

Aarika had told us about this mexican food place in Isla Vista, Free Birds, that is delicious.
She said it was is always packed and always open. Tony and I headed on over there a bit later, had to split a burrito because it was probably about 5 pounds.
I do have to say it wasn't my favorite. It was good but not amazing.

Saturday morning scene
Are you shocked? No? Didn't think so...
Of course, Aarika and I had to go to Starbucks.
The three of us talked and talked for probably 2 hours in the gorgeous sunshine.
I got fried burned.

Then we headed to State St. and walked around.

{we didn't plan on going into town, that is why we look like so put together ahaha}

Had lunch at Sandbar Cafe and met up with her boyfriend.

We got in some pool lounging time and then headed off back home a few hours later.
It was nice spending time with Aarika. I miss hanging out more regularly.

Sunday morning I met up with Kimberly.
So glad we finally got to see each other and talk in perosn.
It felt like it was just yesterday that we had last seen each other.
She is an amazing friend. Always there for me. I am so grateful for our friendship.
Love her to pieces. Love that we can hang out again more often :)

Monday afternoon we BBQ'd carne asada and had a nice dinner outside with the family. Then we all walked to get some shaved ice ice cream. Everyone like it but me :-/

We had a nice weekend. Now back to reality.

Get a job
Get on our own again
Get settled


Kate said...

Girl!!! Lovin' the new blog! Um, why in hell are you wearing long shorts and jeans in these pictures? You have a bangin' body and work SO hard on it -- show it off!!!! I expect to see shorter shorts in future posts :)

Eric's Mommy said...

Wow, I can't believe all those bikes, CRAZY!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Woo! Thanks for sending out the new link!

Amanda said...

the blog looks great! that is a ton of bikes!!! how crazy!!!!