Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogging issues, please forgive me :)

Please forgive my craziness with my blog.
I changed the name and URL but then I think I lost everyone :( I must have done the URL change wrong because it totally wiped out my link.
So I just changed it back to Sweet American Honey until I can figure out how to properly do it.
I hope I don't lose all my followers.
I'm having a blog name crisis lol lol
Anyone know how to do what I'm talking about???

Please don't leave me :)


Kit said...

When I changed my blog over to a custom url it took like 2 days for everything to get straightened out. I did not loose any followers or posts though! I went through blogger to change to a custom url...

Hope that helped :)

Ashley said...

still following -- no worries =) missed your posts though! now I have to go catch up!

Mrs. Mama said...

Okay girl... same exact thing happened to me.
What I believe happened was.... I first changed it to ""

and then I decided to purchase a URL... like 10 minutes later... so I changed it to ""

and then I realized it wasn't popping up.

So I changed it back.

And then when I changed it back AGAIN to give it a try... I made sure i checked the box "redirect from old url to new one"

now make sure that the OLD url says your

hope this helps!