Monday, June 6, 2011

Brain Is Fried

So completely tired of studying. I am remembering why once I finished school and got my degree I said I didn't want to go back.
It is so exhausting!!!
My brain is fried!!
Yesterday I studied from 12:30pm till 9pm. Seriously pure craziness!!
And the shitty thing is I feel like I know none of it.

This is how my week of school will go:
Monday- just lecture {thank God...more study time}
Tuesday- lecture and lab and quiz on upper body bones
Wednesday- lecture and lab and quiz on lower body bones
Thursday- test on 5 chapters and test on all bones in the body

Have I mentioned this is only starting week 2 of class?!?!?
What in the hell was I thinking taking Anatomy in 6 weeks opposed to the normal 16 week semester?!?!?!

I was a pretty good student, I think at least, but I am starting to doubt myself now.
It is hard getting back into the swing of things for school.

Studying again.
Memorizing an endless amount of materials.
Reading the same information over and over.

Last week I had two quizzes and I got A's on both.
I am proud of myself for that, but now the stress is coming in.
The doubt is coming to me.
Is this the right thing for me? Is this really what I should be doing with my life?
On and on and on...

The plan is to take Physiology the second half of summer...again a 6 week course. {I haven't signed up yet because I am waiting to see how well I do on my first test in both lecture and lab} Reason being is, I need to finish all my pre-reqs in order to apply to nursing schools by January 1st. If all this isn't finished, I have to put it off another year. And well, being that I am 28 in December, I don't want to put it off another year.
I do want to start a family before I am 30.

On a happier note.... I live right up the street from school, so I get to walk. I enjoy it a lot actually. I have never been close enough to walk or ride a I am thoroughly enjoying it. I think it is about 1.5-2 miles round trip. So on top of my normal exercise indoors, I get this lovely walk outdoors :)
I am soaking up the sun for sure :)

I will keep everyone updated on my test scores because I know you all are so eager to know ;)

Now, off to school. Then back home to study... all night long.


Sharon said...

What are you doing up at 5 AM??? I know I oculd never go back to school again but I know you can do it. If your dream is strong enough you will get through it and will look back on this and be so proud of yourself. I love you

Sarah the Writer said...

Hang in there! You can do it! I've been in year 6 of college for the past 9 months and am finally gonna graduate on Saturday. However, there were times this past year when I felt that I was never gonna make it. I think I have ADD, so concentrating on homework while watching TV and on my laptop wasn't always easy.

I admire you because not only could I not stay up as late as you are studying but I could never study for that long, just reading the materials and doing not much else. Good for you! :)

Victoria said...

Ugh! I always hated studying in college.

Lindsay said...

Hang in there. It will ALL be worth it!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, you can do it!

I just took A&P last semester. Here's a tip if you don't already do this: get a clear clip-board and dry erase markers. I would put the clip-board over pages in my text book/lab book to write/identify terms, as well as spell words over and over. It really helped me.

Good luck with your class!

Noe said...

Hang in there! new here, just happened to find yout blog.
I'm already 28 and the frustration of not being done yet is killing me.
I admire your hard work! the hard work will pay off. Good Luck!

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