Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cherries, Ice Cream, Margaritas, Cream Puffs...Amazing!!!

Over the weekend, Tony and I went to Fresno to surprise his grandma for her birthday.

We got there about dinner time on Friday night and went over to uncle and aunt's house for some burritos and
hanging out with the kiddos. After dinner the gang headed over to Farmer's Market to get some delicious produce. I have to say one major good thing about Fresno is the produce. They sure know their agriculture.
Everything is always delicious.

I have never really liked cherries, until I had them last year in Fresno. So naturally they were the first thing I went for Friday night. With all the different booths on the streets, all selling the same thing, the people are generous enough o let you sample their produce.
Sweet, huh?? :)

Tony's mom bought us two cases, two pounds each.
Want to know how much is left?!?
I would say less than 1/2 a pound.
Tony and I have eaten them all.
No sharing has occurred ;)
They are just too yummy to give away.

After walking around for a while, we got ice cream.
Seriously, I cannot say no to ice cream. Uncle offer to buy it for us {since we are poor}
and I jumped on that one :)
Tony and I shared Dreyer's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
I love Reese's...anything Reese's!!

On Saturday, Tony and I spent the entire day at grandma's house. She is Italian. Doesn't speak English, except a few words here and there. I can pick up some words now, but I still am lost during conversations since everyone else is fluent. I get the idea {most of the time}.

Grandma made us (all from scratch): ravioli's, real Italian pizza, meatballs, bread {holy moly it is amazing!!!} and
cream puffs
If you have never tasted real homemade cream puffs, you are seriously missing out.
They are absolutely delicious.
{blurry, I know}
I had three.
Totally fattening food the entire day.
But if you love Italian food. Italian homemade food. You wouldn't have stopped either.

Oh I almost forgot....she makes salad. Nothing extraordinary about it. Just lettuce with oil and vinegar. She makes it where it is cold...like keeps it in fridge before serving it. I have no freakin' idea. But it is the best salad ever!! I have tried to replicate it, not even close. Disgusting actually. Anyways, Tony doesn't like salad... and while I was in the middle of eating ravioli's she brought over a salad bowl and said, "just for you"
Awww...it totally made me smile. It was so sweet. And yummy!!

Later that night, probably around 9pm...
Tony and I went to this Mexican place, Casa Corona.
Best/favorite Mexican food!! I love it!!!
We went for drinks and all split the monstrous nachos :)

As we walked up to the bar, Tony saw his old co-worker working behind the bar.
They were bartenders together.
Oh lordy, lordy!!
We had insanely strong margaritas.

We don't drink that often, or that much when we do.
So these totally made us hit the floor. We each had 2 1/2 because his mom was driving, so we finished hers.
I was fine until we got home and laid in bed.
All I saw was the world spinning when my eyes were closed.
It was terrible. I didn't want to go to sleep because it made me feel nauseous.

When we woke up the next morning
Tony told me he had a bit of a hangover.
Tony doesn't get hangovers so I knew these were strong :)

Got home Sunday and studied the.entire.day :(

We had a good weekend.


Katie said...

WHOA! all this food looks so yummy and now my stomach is growing and it's only 10:03 am. hahaha thanks girl!

Sharon said...

Sounds like all ya did was eat...yummy food! I remember those cream puffs ... delicious! Lov eyou

Natalie said...

What amazing food, those cream puffs look to die for!

Michelle said...

Mmm.. cream puffs look amazing! Great pictures! Looks like a fun weekend! :)

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