Friday, June 24, 2011

Fitness Friday

With our lives being so crazy and up in the air in May, it was kind of difficult to be on a set workout schedule. I felt so gross because I wasn't eating great. I wasn't working out all that often. I just felt blah!!

So after a couple weeks of this, I woke up one morning and decided no more being lazy. I kicked my butt into gear and started fresh.

I feel great. I am seeing so many results. I am seriously proud of myself. I know I sound like I am bragging, but it is a lot of hard work. Sweat. Self Control {which I am not always good at with sweets}.

I get up before Tony, before I go to school, and I work out. Hard! I sweat. I cannot tell you how much I want to stay in bed and cuddle with Tony...but I tell myself mean things to get my ass up.
Seriously, it works ;)

There are a few pieces of equipment that I think are must-haves to work out at home and get the best results, as long as you are dedicated and put all your energy into it.
You gotta push hard throughout the entire work out.

I get a lot of my work outs from

This sandbag is amazing. I use it every day working out.
Back Exercises {Rows}
Ab Exercises
I could go on and on.

O.M.G. I love it!!!
I use this for abs, reverse pull ups, and dips {duh!}
I do dips
I am seeing amazing results. I have never had definition in my arms before, I have always been a weakling...but now I see it.
I love it! It is so worth buying!!

3. Jump Rope
It gets the heart pumping. Loosens your body up. Keeps your metabolism going.
It works the entire body.
We have a weighted jump rope.

4. Stability Ball
Wall Squats
Push Ups
Upper Body Weights
and lots more!!

Those are four items I would recommend to anyone who has the drive and determination to work out at home. I know this isn't for everyone, some people just need to be at a gym...totally understand.
But for me, I love working out at home. It is more convenient for me.
I love doing BodyRock work outs.
I love making up my own work outs.
I love working out!!

If you feel like you are working out and not seeing results, trust me it WILL come. You just have to be patient. I always complained to Tony that I was wasting my time because I saw no definition. No toned muscles. Then all of a sudden, it starting showing. Out of nowhere.
I love it. My hard work is paying off!!
I show off to Tony all the time.
I brag to Aarika and my mom too {I'm sure they are sick of it}.

I cannot express how great it feels to know I put in hard work and I can finally have something to show. It is hard to not eat a second helping. Or lots of ice cream. Or greasier foods.
Seriously, I give in at times. I am so not addicted to all things healthy.
Umm..hello I get a Starbucks everyday. Granted, it is nonfat milk...but still.
I love food and sweets, but I know my limit because I know the results I want to see.

Those four items are my favorites.
That's how I get my results.


Sharon said...

Can't wait to see you and those defined arms!! Working out ... youeally have to want to to do it, but I am even doing it at curves and walking every other day and I think it isalso paying off..lost 10 pounds since I started!! woo hoo. Way to go Linz! Love you

Sara said...

Great job!!! :) I have been working out for awhile and have lost 30lbs. Thanks for the advice! I seriously might consider the dip bar! That looks really awesome!

Natalia Lynn said...

I just started working out again and I LOVE your fitness posts! They are inspirational! I mentioned it in my post today and tweeted about it. You should be on twitter, it is so fun!! Anyway, hang out soon? Miss you!

Rebekah said...

That's awesome! Go you! It does take time, but I think once you start seeing results, working out gets so much easier!

Ashley said...

the sandbag is intriguing me! Do you buy it, or make it?!

heather @ mrs. southern bride said...

Never heard of the sandbag! I really should invest in a weighted jump rope, I think it would be wonderful to use!

Courtney B said...

I am so with you!! I git sick of my blah body and feeling yucky all the time so I'm kicking it in gear and working out good!!
My major down fall is I have no self control!! I can have an amazingly killer workout then eat junk the rest of the day... ah!