Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Have I mentioned how thrilled I am to be home?!?!
 Just curious ;)

It is June 1st!!!!
I cannot believe how fast this year is going. Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye!
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Love the carne asada from Trader Joe's.
Seriously so freakin' delicious!!!
The seasonings are perfect.
Love that I got to see these girlies and their momma on Sunday.
They have gotten so big. They are my favorite little girlies :)

Love that I'm getting tan.
Just in time for summer :)

Love that I got into an Anatomy class for the summer. It is a 6 week course, so it will be super intense.
But I know I can do it! I have to! I am now one step closer to applying to nursing schools.
Have I mentioned I haven't stepped foot in a classroom in 4 years from yesterday :-/

Love that I will be able to walk or ride my bike to class everyday. It is literally down the street.
No parking fees.
No filling up the gas tank.
Getting outside and in the sun :)

Love that I have a second interview on Thursday. I interviewed on Tuesday over the phone with a position at Bank of American {not a fan of that company, but I need a job}, and now I have the second interview in person. It is a part time job at night, but it works out perfectly since I am taking classes. Wish me luck! :)
Love that in a month and a half Tony and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary.

Have a great day!


Sharon said...

Wowy excited you got into the class! Woo Hoo! You look so happy!

Bethany said...

Your fedora hat is so stylish!

Mateya said...

Yay for a interview in person!

Love the wedding pic...gorgeous!

Natalie said...

Your wedding looked gorgeous! Love your fedora, too. :)