Wednesday, June 8, 2011


What is up with this cloudy weather here in Southern California????
Seriously, where is the sun???
I know about June gloom, but not!!!
It's chilly outside. It's summer, we aren't supposed to wear long sleeves or sweatshirts!!

Wednesday Loves
Love that Tony has gone out the past few mornings {while I am studying} and got me a Starbucks.
He knows what puts a smile on my face
and a kiss on his lips ;)

Love that I have gotten A's, 100%'s, on all my quizzes so far in Anatomy.
I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is. Now if I can only do that well on my two exams on Thursday.
Wish me luck :)

Love the actor, Zach Galifianakis.
Have you seen Hangover?...Of course you have!
Have you seen Due Date? I'm waiting for Hangover 2 to come out on Redbox...too cheap for movie theatres. That actor is hilarious!! Love the way he walks in the movies. I seriously laugh so freakin hard.
He is great!!

Love that we have been eating salad with every dinner.

Love that Tony has gotten great feedback with this K9 job. They are even talking to him about the actually dog they will give him for work. A dog that he will be bringing home. It will be ours.
A German Shephard. They pay for everything related to the dog, which is nice.

Love that we will be {hopefully} in our own place by the end of summer. Currently we are living with my aunt {dad's sister} since we weren't sure about where our jobs would be. But looks like we will be going further souther.
Woo Hoo!!!

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David and Elizabeth said...

good job on the A's!! amazing is it that you could love on a dog and have it be paid for?! Dogs can be expensive!

Michelle said...

YAY for the A's! That is awesome!!

A Little Bit of This & That

Eric's Mommy said...

Yeah for the A's, way to go!!

Can you send some of that chilly weather across the country to MA? It is going to be 95 today and I am dying!

Nicole-Lynn said...

You'll have your own place! Yey how exciting :)

Keri said...

I may or may not be jealous about you getting starbucks during study time.
Congrats on Anatomy!! If it's anything like the anatomy course I took it is Intense!!

Jane said...

Congrats on your good grades! I use to be so good about eating a salad every single night with dinner and I have just been lazy about it! I definitely need to get back to doing that again!

Mrs. Mama said...

Love all your loves! Tony is so wonderful to you, tell him I said I am proud :) . You rock on your tests! I can't wait to see the hangover 2! And by the way, loved your "Scene" from your earlier post.. reminds me of the good old days. Am I nerd if I admit I miss studying?! haha! Have a wonderful weekend love! p.s. I am going to go check out your photography site RIGHT NOW!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Love that he is getting you starbucks everyday - that is so cute! :) So glad his K9 job is going well. I still haven't seen the Hangover 2, but we plan on seeing it soon!

Rebekah said...

I'm so glad it's heated up here! I was beginning to think that Northern CA would never get the heat! Awesome job on your quizzes! I agree, the way he walks is hilarious!

Angela said...

It's sunny and 100-plus in TX! See what you're missing out on? ;P

Natalia Lynn said...

oh man wish you could have taken my anatomy classes in college! Good luck girl!

Sara said...

Love all your Loves! Nice work with the A's :)
And when you watch the Hangover 2, please laugh outloud so hard when Zach says "What is this, a PF Changs?" Because no one in New Zealand got that joke and I sure took the house down with my man laugh. Don't leave me hanging!!! You'll get it when you see it :)

Toni Rose said...

I have watched DUE DATE but not hang over yet!! sounds promising!