Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The sun is shining.
It is hot!
Woo hoo!!

I got up this morning at 7am to work out and it was already warm out.

Love that I am back home and in California.
Even if things are still up in the air and we aren't settled.
We are home and we are LOVING it!!!

Love that I have been waking up early to work out in the mornings. It feels amazing!!
I am totally seeing more and more results. My arms are getting so much stronger.
There is finally some definition :)

Love that it is almost 4th of July. I love going to a BBQ, watching fireworks, having some drinks.
A couple years ago we went to Huntington Beach for the much fun!!
Hope we go again this year :)

Love this headboard I saw on Katie's blog.

Love that I get magazines in the mail now :)
Hubs got some great deal a while back, and now I am starting to get them.
Cosmo, Women's Health, Glamour

Love this text I got from my sister a the other day.
I woke up to it. Totally made my day.

Love all my followers!!
Thank you so much for reading along. Giving advice. Listening Reading about my complaints.
You all are awesome!! :)

Love my husband.

He makes me laugh.
He is so supportive.
He is mine :)

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Joeylee said...

aww what a sweet text from your sister! Love that headboard

Kristen said...

What a sweet text! And a sweet sister! :)

That headboard is so cute too! And I can't wait for the Fourth either- it's my fave holiday.

Happy Wednesday!

Nicole Marie said...

that text almost made me cry

The Bookness said...

Wish my sister could text me like that. Such an amazing day you had.


Je$$ said...

love that headboard. okay okay i love that whole room!

Katie said...

I need to visit Cali...asap actually. I have been dying to go. We went to Carmel a few yrs back and it was just gorg. obsessed.

once you get bout 2 blog visitors? I swear I'm normal {somewhat} haahaah :)

Mrs. Mama said...

all such wonderful things to love!!! I especially LOVE that headboard as well!

Sharon said...

Ah ... love you too!

MJ said...

I love all your loves too :) What a great way to start your day--awesome text and great workout! No better way in my opinion.

Happy Wednesday!!

Kate said...

Are you living in LA or northern CA right now???

Rachel said...

Love this post! It's so great to be reminded of the little things :) I love love love that die for! And what a sweet pic of you and your hubby! Y'all are too cute.

French Lover said...

Aww that text is so sweet <3

I love that headboard, too :)

Bisous !

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

You are both super cute and I am loving that LOVE headboard too...super cute, and oddly friends and I were just talking about headboards tonight at dinner! Welcome back to sunny CA and what a sweet text from you sister! Lovely blog all around!

Liesl :)

Courtney B said...

You and your hubs are sooo cute!!
And I love that head board as well!
I don't love the waking up part... but once I'm up and going it does feel amazing to workout early in the mornings :)
I'm loving that I found your blog!!