Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Good Morning!!!

The weather here in Southern California has been amazing lately.
I am loving it.
Now if I only had a pool int he backyard to lay out by...then everything would be perfect :)

Love my new blog design!!!!
Brooke from Bright Wishes did it for me.
She was awesome to work with.
She responded to emails very quickly.
She was so friendly, even though I had her change things a million hundred times.
Go check her out!!!
Thanks girlie!!!

Love that we are heading to Huntington Beach for 4th of July.
FIL called Tony and said he is headed down for the weekend and there is going to be a big BBQ at
Hula Circle {the cul de sac friends live in}.
Lots of food.
Lots of drinks.
Lots of sun & beach.
Lots of fun!
So excited!!
{The 4th in 2008 in Huntington}

Love that my Anatomy class is almost over.
Unfortunately I didn't do too well :(
It was very difficult for me. May not be for some, but for me it was.
Maybe nursing isn't what God has planned for me.
Now my mind is going crazy trying to figure out what else in the healthcare field I can do.
It is extremely stressful.

Love that we are going to go somewhere for our anniversary.
We decided we have been through a lot this year and deserve it.
Cannot wait...3 weeks!!!

Love that we eat dinner outside.
It is so gorgeous out at night.
Eating while listening to the birds.
Watching the sunset.
Love it!!

Love this face more than words describe.
Love how happy he gets when I buy him a Dr. Conkey's :)

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alice san said...

aww!! nice it!! :)

Romance In A Glance said...

We honeymooned in South Cali last year and almost went to Huntington beach. I love Southern Cali--in fact I'm a wee bit jealous that you're there and I'm here in Louisiana! :)

Hope you have a wonderful trip! I love Brooke, she did a great job!

Ashley said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new design!!!

You have a lot of things to be happy about -- I can definitely tell in your posting how much happier you are in CA. =) So glad you are bright and shiny!

Jenn said...

Dr. Conkey's?? I have never heard of such things, but it made me giggle! :)
Happy Wednesday!
Jenn @ Going the Distance

Candace said...

I think it is wonderful you are so happy. And the new blog look is fabulous.

Ashley said...

I could really use a new blog design.... and yours looks great! The colors are very soothing. Sounds like you'll have a fun 4th of July too. It's always fun having things to look forward to. (:

Je$$ said...

one of my fav things about summer is eating dinner outside. it's just always nice and relaxing!

Bon Bon said...

I was in California a few weeks ago and totally was in love with the weather! My city, Portland, is just struggling this year, summer wise! Grrrr. xoxo

Kate said...

Oh friend, you are too cute and are loving some pretty awesome things this week! The 4th is HB is wild -- can't wait to see pictures!! And... I'm so excited for you to celebrate your anniversary. Proud of you and Tony for doing something major to celebrate -- you owe it to yourselves. And hey, you must nurture the marriage *wink* *wink*

Stephanie said...

Love the new look, so clean and pretty!