Monday, June 27, 2011


Saturday was my day to plan a date for us.
I choice Malibu because Tony has never been.

We got up that morning and lounged around a bit since I knew it would be a bit foggy there.
We surprisingly got coffee and took our time getting ready.
Around 11am or so we took off.

We drove to the top of Malibu and ate at the famous Neptune's Net.

Tony and I both got the Fish n Chips.

It wasn't bad... a little too fishy for me, but Tony liked it a lot.
It was beautiful out. Our view {which I totally didn't take a photo of} was gorgeous!
We sat for a bit and chatted and enjoyed staring at my hot husband each other's company.

After lunch we ran across PCH {yes everyone runs across PCH (pacific coast highway)} to watch the surfer's and enjoy the gorgeous ocean.

It was so peaceful and beautiful.
Have I mentioned that I love the ocean? ;)

Driving back down Malibu {PCH} we stopped off at Zuma.
Zuma is the beach I grew up going to. It is the beach that I went to of summer once I could drive.
Tower 8 was ours :)

We got out to walk along the sand. Although at this point is was a little chilly out. Tony and I put our sweaters on. Mind you there were people in the water & laying out.
I must be getting wimpier as I get older ahaha!

The sand was so warm on my feetsies.
 I love the feeling of warm sand.
The sound of the waves.
The fresh air.

Tony and I came to the conclusion that we still like Orange County and San Diego beaches a million times better than any other beaches.

On our way back home, Tony decided we should stop in Calabasas and go the Susie's Cakes.
Let me just tell you this place is heavenly!!!
We got out wedding cake/cupcakes from here.
They are the most amazing sweets in the entire world!!
We got a Red Velvet Cupcake.

Now that we totally devoured this little piece of heaven, we decided we needed to walk it off and headed to the mall. We walked around for a long time. I like the mall, but only when I have money to spend. That we did not have, so it wasn't as fun.

We did decided to try get Coffee Bean.
Yes, I cheated on Starbucks can you believe it?!?!?!
I have only had it once and Tony never, so we thought what the heck :)
We shared it just in case it wasn't good.
But it did not disappoint...thank goodness!!
{Kate this is for you since you LOVE Coffee Bean :) }

I enjoyed our day together baby!
I always have an amazing time with you.
I love you!!

ps...i wear this shirt all.the.freakin.time!! or at least i feel like i do as i am posting photos to my blog. i am in serious need of a wardrobe upgrade.
a sap!!! 


David and Elizabeth said...

mmm red velvet fav!

Katie said...

Malibu looks gorgeous..ugh. I want to go there. I watch it all the time on Million Dollar Listing (sigh) and it's beautiful! I want to go to alllll those places :)

Romance In A Glance said...

That looks so amazing! I wish I could just pick up and go to Malibu!

Stephanie said...

How fun!! I spent a summer being a camp counselor at a camp in Calabasas- we were in Malibu almost daily and it is so beautiful! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

ty said...

Lord, I miss driving the PCH. SUCH a pretty view!

Courtney B said...

What a FUN date!! I wish I lived by the beach! I would seriously go every day.
And I feel the same way about my wardrobe :) I feel like I wear the same 3 things all.the.time.

rasta222 said...

I like it)))

Amanda said...

Love it! And I love that you got to plan the date and did such fun things :) I might have to steal your idea of taking turns to plan dates.

Cait said...

yummmmmmmmmmm! love this blog girl :) great photos and sounds like you had such a great date! xo

Kate said...

Woop woop, Coffee Bean!!!!! SO glad you both gave it a shot -- you know it's my fav! LOL!! What a great date day you both had together - I love seeing 2 people in love... and drinking Coffee Bean :)

Megan said...

Awww, this looks like such a FUN date!! So jealous of that beautiful ocean view!! Y'all are too too cute!

Sara said...

Looks like ya'll had a wonderful day!! I would love to see California. All of your pictures just make it seem wonderful. Unfortunately that would be a Loooooong trip seeing as I am in South Carolina.