Thursday, June 2, 2011


Morning Girlies!!!

I am linking up with Becky to play along in her

1. Seriously... I started my Anatomy class yesterday.
Holy Moly!!!
This is going to be nutso!!!
I have a quiz
I have a test every two weeks.
Have I mentioned the class is only six weeks long?!?!?

2. Seriously...  How can textbooks be so expensive?!?! I completely forgot. I just spent $400!!! on my one class. Yup, one class. Geez Louise!!!

3. Seriously... I went to Starbucks yesterday morning to get us a coffee. The barista told me she couldn't help me yet because there was a transaction in process.
Mind you, no one in line. I was like, ok no worries and smiled.
Then a few seconds later...a barista. Yup, an employee walked in front of me.
The transaction was for her!!! That is not ok. Customers come first not employees.
Seriously, I was so irritated. They were so rude about it. I wanted to tell her she needed to wait or go freakin make your own shit....don't make customers wait. ugh!!!

4. Seriously... Blogger needs to be more specific on how to update/change things. I am having issues. I blogger help, but cannot find the answer. Issue: I wanted to change my blog name, so I changed the url {stupid me shouldn't have done so}. I thought if you change your url, it automatically links the old one to the new one because it is the same blog. Well, yes it is the same blog....BUT it doesn't link it. So I was pissed!!!
Still am actually. I sent emails to followers...but I think I lost all my followers. Then last night, I thought I was being clever and switched it back. So now the link is what it used to be. But now I am totally confused :-/
Kit, told me to do a custom blogger name and it should automatically transfer. I can handle $10 a year...right? :) Oh, what do I do?!?!?!?! I don't want to lose followers :(

Ok, well it was short and sweet today girls. I gotta keep studying. Lots to study and I have class in three hours. Have a great day!!! :)


ty said...

If you figure out the new URL, let me know!!!

Mandy said...

what if you just leave your url as it is? I know a couple bloggers that have urls that dont match their blog names anymore.

I dont think I have ever commented on your blog before but I do read it. I wont stop reading if you do change, just let me know if blogger doesnt automatically redirect.

Good luck figuring it all out :).

Eric's Mommy said...

Good luck with your anatomy class! Anatomy is pretty cool.

a lovely mess. said...

you're a brave girl for doing anatomy...other people's bodies creep me out! ha!

xoxo-Hannah @ A Lovely Mess...your newest follower!

come say hi!

andy & lo said...

holy cow! anatomy in 6 weeks? that IS insane.
seriously saves so so so sooo much money!