Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Things {Pampering}

Being a girl it is ingrained in us to want to be pampered right?
Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Massages.
The whole nine yards.
Some of us might get these things done way more often than others.
Some might never or hardly ever get them done.

I am that girl.
 I hardly ever get pampered in this sense.

The last time I had a a manicure, pedicure, and facial was before my wedding last summer.
Are you gasping for air right now??
Yes, you did read that correctly.
Before that...I have no idea. Probably years prior.
I am not one to spend money on those types of things.

But I have a little secret....

I would LOVE to get a

{very light pink please}

{french tip please}

{rid my skin of the acne that has come out of no where}

Tony can give me the massage for free ;)

I want to be pampered.
I want to be able to afford a day of pampering every month.

I love having pretty toes.
I love how I feel after a facial.
Feel so clean. Face is rid of everything.
It's amazing!!

How often do you all pamper yourself?
How do you pamper yourself?

ps...I figured out how to write on my photos in picnik :)


Sharon said...

Ditto..I love all of those things too. I pamper myself by getting a facial once per month and it is heaven!! NOw that I know this maybe the little pampering fairy will come your way!!

Eric's Mommy said...

I never pamper myself. The last time I got a pedicure (my first) was about 4 years ago. I've never had a massage. My Husband wanted to get me a pregnancy massage when I was pregnant with our Son (9 years ago) but I didn't want anyone seeing me half naked and pregnant, LOL.

Kate said...

I pamper myself all of the time! I get my nails done every other week, toes once a month and a facial a few times a year. I only get facials with groupons. Refuse to pay full price! Do you do groupon and livingsocial? If not, sign up. I just bought a 60 minute facial for $30. They also had a 30 minute facial for $15. It's awesome!! Oh, and go pamper yourself! Every girl needs to feel girly and feminine every now and then. Plus, it makes the hubby smile when I take care of myself :) Maybe an anniversary gift from Tony?!! Hmmmmm... :)

Katie said...

Totally agree with Kate! I get my nails done every other week bc I'm so hard on them and they are so nasty otherwise. Find a place that you can get a mini mani and it is only like $15.00. I do groupon for the facials, as well! They have amazing deals and one comes up atleast once every two weeks. Never pay full price!

Ashley said...

I rarely do the pampered thing. it is just not something I can bring myself to spend money on several times a month =/ so I do my own toes/nails unless I want french. I haven't had a mani/pedi since my wedding either (03/2010)! I am looking forward to my sissy's wedding because we are getting pampered for it =)

Rebekah said...

Before I was married, I did that type of stuff quite a bit! Now, I rarely do it, but it's always a nice treat!

Our Family of Four said...

I say you go for it girl, it's so nice to treat yourself and I think we all deserve that every now and then. I am with you on the massage... you can get that for free! lol. ;)

Sarah the Writer said...

I'm not really into pampering (which just adds to the list that I'm not as much of a woman as I should be) but I don't love getting manicures and pedicures! I rarely paint my nails myself (despite having a lot of polish colors) but am "dragged" with my mom when she wants her nails done.

Haven't gotten a facial in a while. I think I've gotten one once in my 24 years of life, when I was 15 and we were on vacation at a nice hotel that had a spa in it. I kind of want one again, though. :)

As a now-former student who was often stressed, you DEFINITELY need to get pampered soon :)

Lindsey said...

Thank you for the sweet comments, and congrats to you on finishing the pre-reqs. I won't say nursing isn't a tough journey, but if you keep in mind that the outcome is so much greater than all the nonsense during school then you will do great!!! and always READ READ READ a little every night!!! You will do great! Best of luck!!!