Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitness Friday {Squats}

Squats are killer.
Squats make me hurt.
Squats are hard and never get easier.

But I love them.

Squats burn more calories per rep than almost any other move.

Squats are the work out to do if you want to tone your legs
your booty!!

That is what I am working on by the way. My butt needs a lift and to be much more toned.

I do squats 3 days a week.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
3 sets of 20 while holding my 40 lb sandbag.
60 squats each day.

It might not sound like a lot, but seriously my legs are shaking by the end.
Before when I used no sandbag, 60 was easy.
If you don't have a sandbag or don't want to use a sandbag
do without weight then.
But you gotta do squats!!

People have different versions of what a squat is and that is ok.
Some people don't go very low.
Some people go extremely low.
I am the later.

Whatever works for you, do it. Remember to push yourself.
Don't think you can't go lower. You can, trust me!
It may take some time, but you will get there.

I stand with my feet a bit more than shoulder width apart.
Toes pointing out.
I hold the sandbag like I scooped it off the ground.
I squat low {it hurts}.
I push back up with my butt & thighs.
{feels like I am pushing my feet into the ground}

Make sure your back is straight.
Abs pulled in tight.
Look foward.

Another kind of squat I like to do is a pulsing squat.
Stand with feet a little more than shoulder width apart.
Toes pointing out.
Bend knees slightly.
Back straight.
Abs pulled in.
Squat little squats.
You just squat a couple of inches.
Fast and do lots.

You may not feel it at first but you will.
I do 3 reps of 50.

Squats will burn.
I promise!

Always remember to watch your daily food intake as well.
Working out won't do much if you aren't being aware of what you put in your body.
Treat yourself once or twice a week...not


The Bookness said...

Been motivated to do this as well, but always something to do that keeps me away from doing it. Im glad youre doing them. =)

Rebekah said...

I love squats! They are killer but I don't mind doing them...too much!

Je$$ said...

i had a teacher in the 8th grade that made us do squats if we forgot our homework or behaved in class..strangely i was pretty fit that year.

Courtney said...

Oh I LOVE squats!! Well, I love the feeling after not actually doing them :)

Courtney B said...

Oooh crappy. I HATE squats but my thighs and booty needs some serious attention! Guess I know what I'm throwing into my workouts this week!!
And I should really stop treating myself everyday. I have a serious problem.

Sara said...

Gotta love the squats! You are inspiring to think you add sandbags! Ahhhh, power woman! One day, one day, one day, but for now I will settle adding my 5lb free weights and crying like a baby.