Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

 Good Morning Mom!!
Happy Birthday To You!!!The above picture is something that symbolizes my mom...if that even makes sense.
If you know my mom, I guarantee you have seen her in her curlers.
She took us to school all our lives with those things on her head.
Goes through the drive-thrus with them on.
She takes them off right before she gets out of her car for work.
She is going to kill me for posting that photo ;)

So I will redeem myself and post a better photo

Ok ok I am just trying to make mom laugh as she read this. Because I know her first priority today will be to get on that computer and read Lindsay's blog. is a priority of hers...she told me.
See Aarika, I am her favorite ;)

Seriously now here is a better photo of my mom. How gorgeous is she?!?!
Yes, I do realize all my photos are usually from the wedding.
Don't hate, I love my wedding photos.
My mom is one of the most amazing women in my life.
She is always there to help. 
She can always make me smile.

She loves to hear our crazy stories.
She loves to hear us bitch and complain, right mom?!?! ;)
She loves to hang out with her kiddos.
She is hilarious when she drinks.
{totally wasted}

{I think we are both wasted}

She is loves being around people.
She is always up for a party.

She is a great mom.
Funny. Hilarious. Crazy {take it how you want hehe}. Loving.
And a best friend.
I love you!

Mom has been through a lot since her last birthday

 She finally followed her dream and moved to Texas.
This is her first birthday with no kids around and I know it is hard for her.
Hopefully next year we will all be together again for your special day :)

Today is your birthday. The one day that is truly!!!
So even though us kiddos aren't with you, you better celebrate it to it's fullest.
You better make sure you are treated like a princess.
Wear a super cute outfit.
Make sure your hair is nice and it doesn't go flat.
Have as many diet coke's from Sonic as you please.
Have a drink or two or three with your dinner.
Go get a pedicure and manicure.
Have some delicious ice cream with German Chocolate cake.
Do everything that will make you happy!
I will be thinking about you all day long.
I will call you multiple times throughout the day.
Even though Tony and I aren't there with you... we are thinking about you!
We will celebrate at Islands when you come to California in August :)
When Aarika flies in at midnight tonight, I know that will make your birthday that much better.
It will put a huge smile on your face. It will make all your sadness go away.

I love you mom!!
Have a wonderful birthday!!


Sharon said...

You were right, read your blog first thing this morning! The curler picture ... really!! You and Aarika are my life and yes it will be sad for me today becasue this is my first birthday without you kiddos around...I miss you all so much. And I will make you proud by celebrating in style! I will drink one for you all! And I am getting a pedicure from Jamie! Thank you for the blog...I love you!

Kate said...

What a sweet post! You painted such a great picture of your mom that I now feel like I know her. Mama, I'm comin' over for dinner next time I'm in TX, mkay? We can both sport our rollers!

Hopefully you too will live near each other again once day!

Oh, and she looks like she'll be such a fun grandma!! Your babies are going to adore her!

Ashley said...

your mom is a beautiful woman! I hope she has an amazing day today!

Such a sweet post!

your whole family of girls is GORGEOUS!

Lindsay said...

Your momma is GORGEOUS! Happy birthday to Her!

Liesl said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother...what a great energy and smile!

Liesl :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

What a sweet post! You guys look so much alike!! Happy birthday to your mama!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Awe! This is soo sweet!! Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

Ashley said...

awwww this is the sweetest ever! yay for birthdays and yay for fabulous moms! :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

How beautiful is she!

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