Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Friday!!! It's Play Time!!!

Good Morning!!

Yesterday was a fun filled day. I spent it with Aarika.
I got my tootsies a pedicure, thanks Momma!! :)
That was a little gift for me, as I need to pretty myself up for hubs this weekend.

Then we shopped, well window shopped since we have no money....unfortunately.
And of course stopped for some coffee.
It is not a fulfilled date with a best friend unless there is coffee involved.
Am I right or what? ;)
{sista fren}

{sisterly love}

{want these Ray Bans}

{super cute 4 leaf clover rings...we walked around the store with them on...but didn't buy :( }

{Got my hair colored last night}

Today is the day hubs and I leave for our little getaway.
We are super excited!!! Like I cannot contain my excitement any longer!!!

I just want to pack up the car and hit the road.
But I thought it would be a good idea to work out first.

{1} I am a morning & middle of the day person. I cannot sleep in. I love getting up early and starting the day by working out. It gives me energy for the rest of the day. I get sleepy around 10 or 11 at night.

{2} My favorite Pandora stations are Today's Country, Britney Spears and Rolling Stones. I just downloaded Pandora to my iPhone and I love it!!! It is great for working out!!

{3} 3 of my "must have" songs for a road trip playlist are anything Kenny Chesney & Shania Twain. Love all his songs and she brings back memories of family road trips. Also oldies music...
like 50s and 60 oldies.

{4} My favorite pattern is stripes. Love me some stripes right now. Hubs started noticing that I point out any piece of clothing with stripes. I love them!! 

{5} My favorite person is Romance by Ralph Lauren. My second favorite is 8 by Abercrombie. It's funny because Romance is my scent. My family knows that is what I ask for

{6} Rules are to each his/her own. I think some rules are in place for a reason. I think some rules are just absolutely obsurd.

{7} My most overused phrase or punctuation is "serious" and "like". I use those way too much. Hubs thinks I totally overuse "like"...he says I need to watch myself LOL
And my overused punctuation would probably be exclamations and smilies :)

Now I am off to enjoy my weekend with the most amazing husband God has blessed me with.


Sharon said...

Have the most wonderful weekend ever...I love you both.

Katie said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!! I love your new hair color! beautiful

Mallory said...

Have a wonderful anniversary! I'm sure you will have a wonderful time just being together!

Mateya said...

Love the hair color!

I love Romance by Ralph Lauren too!

Lindsay said...

You are too cute for words. Happy anniversary :)