Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love The iPhone :)

I have had my iPhone 4 for months now.
I have had one previously as well.

But for some reason recently, I just have downloaded a bunch of apps.
Ones that I am addicted to now.
Ones that keep me on my phone for.ever!!
Ones that make my battery die quickly.
Ones that keep me entertained.
All are free. Well, the ones I downloaded are.

Like seriously. Love it!!!
I love making my photos have character.
I love looking at other peoples photos to see what they have done.
Or just randomly browsing.
It's fun :)

Words with Friends.
Tony and I play each other.
We don't know of anyone else that has it...lol
But it's great at keeping the mind going. Makes you think.
And since we are totally competitive, it is a great game for us to play against one another.
We played today a few games.
I won!!! :)

Thank you Aarika for introducing me to it :)
It is the best thing to have while working out.
I don't want to spend any money paying iTunes for songs.
So Pandora is wonderful.

Us Weekly
It is my celebrity entertainment fix.
And the best part is I don't have to subject Tony to it.
I don't make him buy me magazines or watch it on TV.
I read it twice a day. Once in the morning. Once at night.

Fox News
Let me just tell you now, I was glued to Fox News app throughout the entire Casey Anthony case.
I have to say I was addicted.
We don't have TV, so it is nice to know what's going on in the world.

Target & CVS
Every Sunday I check these apps to see what is on sale.
Then I add to my shopping list and if they are must need items, we got get immediately before they sell out.

Those are my favorite apps.

If you have a smart phone that allows apps, what are your favorites?


Sharon said...

Getting my iPhone the end of August..you wil have to show me how to use it as you know your mom...technically challenged!

Sarah the Writer said...

We have Verizon but don't get new phones until February. A few months ago I decided I would get a smartphone when we did - either a Droid or the iPhone. This post is yet another pro-iPhone statement that I've seen. Even my youngest brother wants to get rid of his Droid.

As much as I prefer having all the songs in my music library when I workout, I'll probably wear out the Pandora app (if that's possible). My Zune has been bugging the crap out of my lately :(

Mallory said...

I love my iphone, but I have the 3G and it is sometimes slow. We are waiting for the iphone 5 to come out to upgrade.

My husband and I (along with the 9 other games I have going with people) play words with friends too! (although some of the words it allows are very odd!).

Lindsay said...

These are some of my favorite apps too! What is your words with friends name? We should play each other :)

Aspiring Kennedy said...

wait. what? an US weekly app? this changes everything! i hope i can get it in the UK. sometimes they are weird about that.... i would LOVE that. thanks for the suggestions! xo

Our Family of Four said...

I must admit I am slightly addicted to mine.