Friday, July 22, 2011

Searching for a Job...Again

It's that time for me again. Job searching.

No one wants to see a face. Everything is done online.
How the hell do I find a job by just posting my cover letter and resume to a company website?
Or craigslist for that matter.
It is beyond frustrating.

I was going to continue working on my nursing degree, because I got a B!! in my Anatomy class, but we just cannot afford it at the moment. I need to get a job. A full time, decent paying job.

So I have been searching and searching. Applying and applying.
I do not even get an email response back. Nothing. Nada.
How the hell do I get a job?!?!
I go in person and the people just say apply online.
Ok dipshit, I did and I got no where so I figured face to face would be great.
Nope...slammed door in face {seriously happened to me}

The job hunting is in full force. I am applying to everything imaginable.
Even if I only have a little experience, I apply. I can't lose anything at this point right?

So my questions to you all are
1} How did you land your job?
2} What is your job field?
3} How pushy did you become to snag the job?
4} Any other advice? Job recommendations?

Have a great weekend!


Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

I am in the same boat right is SO frustrating! I will definitely be coming back to read the responses to this post. To me, it seems like it really is "who you know"...:(

Just wanted to commiserate! Good luck with your search!

Rorie said...

I graduate in 1 month and I'm in the same boat. I've submitted atleast 10 applications so far and have hears nothing! Wish i could be more help..

The Whity Wife said...

graduated 8 months ago.... still there... and beyond breaking point on this one (i'm in education, one would think there would be jobs for the #1 graduate)

Anonymous said...

Here’s what I did and have done in the past. First, find the recruiter or hiring managers for the position. When you do look around for an email address and phone number. Google is a great thing and most every person has a business email or phone number online. Let me know if you need help find phone numbers or email address, I’m pretty good at it. After you get this information you call once a week and email at least once a week checking to see if there is anything available. The only thing they can do is shoot you down and tell you there is nothing available at this point. Be persistent and bug them. If they start to remember your name they will remember when a job does come up. That’s how I got the position I’m in now. I even bugged the first recruiter so much that he gave me to another guy. Hope it helps.

Your Cus,

Courtney B said...

Oh sucky. I am so sorry! I freakin' hate how EVERYTHING is online now!
I haven't had to to the job search but my hubs was laid off and could not find a job for about 6 months. At first he was only applying for electrician positions but where we lived there was just no work AT ALL. So then he started applying for everything..including Burger King. And nothing ever worked out. He finally got a call from an electrical company across the state (I have no idea how they got his #... weird experience) and we moved for that job.
It's just insane how difficult it is to find a job... and ridiculous that they judge you from a computer screen. Goood luck girl!

The Burtons said...

Hey! what are you looking to do? I work in HR for CB Richard Ellis and we have offices me at and let me know, maybe I can help you find something!

Kaitlin Godfrey said...

I had to get a job to get out of a TERRIBLE I was super persistant and annoying.
I am in Business Development...which is a really nice way of saying I'm an assistant and I do whatever anyone needs me to. Doesn't pay much, but I like the people I work with. I actually asked our preacher to keep his ear out. And it ended up a friend of his needed an assistant....insert ME! But he was soooo sllllooowwww...I interviewed twice. It took like 3 months. I had nearly given up on him so I finally emailed and was like I am about to jump full force into looking for another job if you don't want me. Turns out he was just really busy and I got hired. I literally emailed him once a week for 3 months reminding him who I was...glad it didn't scare him off! GOOD LUCK...finding a job is so hard now a days.

Anonymous said...

It really is all about who you know! I graduated a year ago and sent at LEAST 200 emails or resumes out! (it cracks me up when people said they sent 10) You really have to make yourself marketable. Think like the hiring manager would: why do i need this person? how can i tell that they will be beneficial to our company? Why are you special? You need to have a rockin' resume and really talk to EVERYONE you know. Don't be afraid to ask someone for a connection/networking opportunity. I found my job on craigslist, and I love it! Just keep looking!

MJ said...

Job searching is about as much fun as teeth pulling. I am empathic for sure b/c it's tough. It took me awhile to find a job within my degree field, but I discovered the whole "it's not what you know, it's who you know" is very true. That's actually what helped me get the job I have now working at a law firm doing marketing/events.

Keep your hopes and head held high. You are clearly an intelligent woman. The effort will pay off :)

Kate said...

Too bad you couldn't meet up w me tonight. I had so much free stuff put aside for you. Prob $100 worth of stuff. Most importantly endless amounts of ice cream. :) Bummer!

Samantha said...

Keep applying.. You will find one eventually :)

Mallory said...

Good luck with the search!

I work for the county (911 dispatcher) and found/applied/got more info from (working here -> working for the county -> county job listing). It can look a little daunting, but it's a good resource for county jobs. Also, think about places you might not normally look (ice skating rink, the college campus, the blood bank)

I'll keep sending good thoughts your way.

Lindsay said...

Looking for a job is the most frustrating thing EVER. At the end of the summer I have to start looking for a part-time gig because I'm going back to school... And I am dreading it. So much.

I know that's not really any sort of advice haha but I thought I'd let you know I know how you feel. Good luck with the search!

P.S. Just found your blog - I'm following!

Erin said...

just found your blog and love it! i agree, i've been in the same boat with the job's hard right now with this economy :/ keep your chin up!


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Pretty much call/ask everyone you know in the area and ask them if their company is hiring. If they aren't, ask them who they think you should network with that they know to help you find a job. A lot of it is about who you know, so if you know anyone, USE them and ask them for help. I know you will find something, don't get discouraged and don't sell yourself short. Look at your experience and figure out how you can apply it to where you are applying for jobs. I know you will be successful...stick to it!

It is hard, I am in the same boat. Get as many interviews as you can!

Craigslist is hard, what I did was google search a field you are interested in and in the area you live and see what companies show up and then go to their career page and see what they have.

I hope that helps :-)