Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

Good Morning!
Sun shining.
Birds chirping.
Watching hubs sleep.
Drinking my Starbucks coffee.
Life is great!

I decided to mix it up a bit today and play along with Brooke from

ONE. Travel with Tony.

TWO. Watermelon.
Doesn't this look so juicy and delicious and refreshing.
Watermelon screams summertime!

THREE. Coach Bag.
Enough said!

FOUR. A Lab puppy.
They are so cute and playful and loving.
Can I please have one baby?? ;)


Mrs. Mama said...

omg. I LOOOOVE your new design! simply fabulous!

Jeska said...

Mmm watermelon! && Starbucks :)

ty said...

OMG, those puppies are wonderful.

Jamie said...

Puppies are adorable . . . remember Chip once looked like that . . . now look at him! Just saying . . . lol!

The Little Flapper said...

I love watermelon :)

& those puppies are so cute!!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I would love some watermelon right about now. Also some lab puppies to play with. Fun!


Sarah said...

Mm. Watermelon is the PERFECT summer treat! and oh my god stop those puppies are ADORABLE

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