Friday, August 5, 2011


I am sure of it that I am behind the times on this phenomenon about 

Not that I don't know what they are, but that I do not own a pair.

I have said before my sister has a red pair and has told me over and over how amazing they are....but just haven't spent the money to buy any. Probably due to the fact that I don't have a job, so I cannot really justify buy shoes.

When I go to the mall, I get really tempted. And I want to spend money. Especially when I go to the mall with Aarika because well lets face it, we are addicted to shopping. Love buying new things. We encourage each other to spend money :)

Instead of going to the mall now, I browse the Internet for things I dream of buying.
I went to the TOMS website and can I just tell you I want like 98% of the shoes on there.
Seriously everything is super cute.

I made a list of the ones I want for ummm...
well my birthday is in 4 months as is Christmas.


How cute are all of these?!?!

To start the weekend off right....look what came in the mail yesterday :)


Maggie said...

I just got my first pair of toms a couple of months ago and love them! They're so comfortable and cute and an amazing cause.

Highly recommend them :)

Katie said...

I JUST ordered my first pair of toms!!! I got sucked in. I bought the dark gray charcoal ones. they are kind of expensive considering they probably cost 50cents to make but whatevs lol

Rebekah said...

Dylan gave me my first pair of TOMS for our anniversary! I LOVE them! I'm already planning on getting another pair. Plus, I love the idea of buying a pair and another pair is given to someone else.

Sarah the Writer said...

Don't feel bad - I don't have a pair of TOMS either. But then again, unlike you, I'm not much of a shopper. The dozen pairs of shoes I have work just fine for me. (not very woman-y of me to say, but it's me.)

Megan and Justin said...

TOMS are amazing. get them!! just found your blog, following now!

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