Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend With A BFF :)

This weekend I went to visit one of my best friends.
Stayed with her and the family for the weekend while Tony worked.
Yes, I played and Tony worked...what a nice wife I am huh? :)

Kimberly's dog had pups recently and oh.my.word!!! They are the cutest things I have ever seen.
I have never seen new pups before. Not when they are tiny and barely weigh a pound. So of course since they are new {4 weeks} they were a big hit with everyone. Me. Them. Neighborhood.
I couldn't get over how tiny they were. How helpless they were. How much I loved holding them.

The weekend was actually pretty busy. But I just joined in.
Playing slave to Kimberly...just kidding you know I love you!
Saturday I played a little shooting up game with my favorite girlies :)
Marissa and I were a team and Morgan still beat us. Love seeing these girlies and hanging out with them.
They told me before I left on Sunday evening that they love me coming out there. They love when I am around. Totally made my heart melt :)

Saturday night we all watched the UFC fight...my first time ever watching a fight. Why on earth do guys do that?? I will never understand. But basically while the guys watched the fight, the girls gathered around the food and scarfed as much food down as we possible could. Were felt like major fatties afterwards LOL
But it was all in fun.
Sunday was school shopping time. The girlies started school Monday. Crazy huh?!?
These girls are nutso. Kim was offering to buy them new clothes. They didn't want any. All they wanted was new shoes and new backpack. Seriously!! I was in shock!! What girl doesn't want new clothes, right?? I told them if mom offers to buy...accept! LOL

It was a fun time with them all! I love being around you and your family Kimberly! Wish we could hang out way more often than we do.
Oh oh oh!!! So when I got there Kimberly asked Marissa what my new last name is...Marissa says Mrs. Anchovy?
It was hilarious!! We were laughing so hard. She is super cute. Was a bit embarrassed though. And of course Kim told the entire neighborhood LOL
So cute! :)
One thing that I always miss out on...getting more pictures of Kim and me.
I always forget :(

Sunday night I came home and everyone decided to have a bonfire in the backyard.
A hole was dug. In the middle of the yard.
Logs were brought in.
The fire was started.
We could only think...a little white trash.
I thought it was hilarious though...so naturally I took pictures :)

Best of all was the
Yes, we had s'mores!!

 {my little contraption to melt the chocolate a bit}


Had a great weekend. Thanks Kimberly!!
Although, I did miss Tony. We didn't see each other from Friday until midnight last night.
Totally missed him. And I do know that that isn't that long to be away...but I love being with him.


Katie said...

I seriously love smores! they are so good :)

David and Elizabeth said...

first of all...i will take a puppy please! so darn cute!
secondly, i am now offically craving a s'more!
glad you had a great time!

jessica said...

looks like you had a great weekend. nothing's better than smores & puppies!

Joeylee said...

how cute are those puppies!?
I love S'mores!! YUM

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Oh how I love making s'mores!! MMMMM