Thursday, September 15, 2011

a single cup of coffee

I never thought a cup of coffee could taste so delicious.
Until Kimberly introduced me to this {below} and well, I was proven wrong.

Tony and I finally got around to buying some last night.
The combination of the two is soooooo good!!


Maggie said...

Yum! May have to try that out for sure!

There is nothing quite as satisfying as finding a great cup of coffee :)

Jamie said...

Mmmm, sounds yummy! I just bought Green Mountain Coffee - Pumpkin Spice for the Keurig. Real mellow taste . . . for us hot coffee drinkers, this is a good one. Not bitter. I sound like a commercial - hahaha!

By the way - here's a link to website for Don Francisco This reminds me of my Farmer Bros. Coffee Days!

Love ya, Jamie

jessica said...

omg i looovvveee me some hazelnut creamer. it is the best kind.

i'm definitely going to have to try out that coffee.

where you get it at?

kimberly said...

That is my EXACT morning too!! I don't get the whole bean, it's the ground coffee...but I am drinking it right now...and pretending like we are having a coffee date!! LOL...Love you!!

Kasey Lynne said...

Ooo! I'll definitely have to try this combination because without Hazelnut creamer, my coffee is NOT coffee ;-)

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