Thursday, September 29, 2011

Up All Night

We just got cable last week. We haven't had cable since we were in Texas with the family. We are cheap like that ;)
It is just too damn expensive. But we decided to splurge a little and get it with out Internet.

So we have been watching all the new fall shows. There are some failures AND some keepers.
One of my favorites is
I think this show is hilarious. If you haven't seen it watch it. It is about a couple who used to party and go out all the time, but then got pregnant and now are 'those' neighbors who don't like all the noise because it will wake their baby. They are tired by like 9pm, etc. You get the picture.

Last nights episode, I think, was the epitome of a married couple. Maybe even a dating couple that lives together.

The wife works all day and dresses super cute. She works in the television industry. She comes home and immediately changes into her comfy clothes {as I like to call them}. Her husband doesn't like it, but doesn't know how to tell her. So he starts dressing nicer when they are at home because he doesn't like that she has let herself go since the baby. That is his way of hinting to her that he wants her to look sexy at home as well.

So her friend gave her a thong to kinda spice things up at home. One night she gets home late and says she is going to change. So she comes out in her comfys and then pulls the side of her thong out and says something about I look this way on the outside, but I am a strip club underneath.
I was laughing so hard.

I was cracking up because, despite us not having a kid, I am so that way.
I get home. I change instantly into something more comfy. Not sexy.
Tony is so not a fan.

He brings it up quite often that I dress cute for work and not for him. Not completely true because I do dress up when we go out to dinner, etc. But just not when we are hanging out at home. So with the show last night, I was laughing...he was too.
Although he still was telling me that he doesn't like how I get into comfy clothes instantly.
He wishes I would dress cute at home, even if we are just hanging around the house.

Maybe I should start caring more. I know he would totally appreciate it.
I need to spice things up a bit with my clothes ;)

{I know I am not the best story telling...sorry for that. But I had to share because it was hilarious.
I know there are tons of girls who are the same.}


Kate said...

I def don't dress cute daily, but I do a few times a week when just around the house. I put on make up and usually a sundress because its cute and comfy at the same time! Or i'll wear tight yoga pants and a tight tank top with a bra (as opposed to a sports bra). I don't get dressed up, but I look cute and presentable. It's amazing what visual creatures men are! I've learned how important it is, so I do it. And on the other end, when Bryan wears basketball shorts, a wife beater and a baseball hat for days in a row, I'm ready for a change too! I guess we're all visual :)

Our Family of Four said...

We are loving this new show!

Ashley said...

Love this show as well!! They do have good points that make you relate your marriage in such ways, with or without child! I suppose I also fall into the get into my comfy's when I get home... God it will only get worse when kids are in the picture... makes ya think!

Kaitlin Godfrey said...

I go straight to my closet when I get home to change...just wait til you are pregnant. I used to just put t shirt and shorts its like slum yoga pants or even a nightgown (short--not moo moo). Poor hubs.

Katie said...

ha I do the same thing. Immediately change! But I will say I do dress up a lot every weekend. Hopefully that makes up for something? lol

Caroline said...

I love this show!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

ahahah that is hilarious!!

I am the same way! I get into comfy clothes bc I dont want to get anything else dirty - in case I want to wear it on another day! haha

Is that Christina Applegate?? I love her!! What channel is this show on??

p.s. lets be friends! :-)

The Forbes said...

Love your blog! I need to watch this show...I have heard nothing but good things!

I'm your newest follower! :)