Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coffee Date

I recently discovered Casey's blog.  I love it. She is so real. So inspirational. So normal. She talks about her life. Her feels. She doesn't hold back and I love that! A few days ago she wrote a post called coffee date. It was seriously like you were having coffee with her...chatting like old friends. I wanted to borrow the idea because it is super cute...totally real.

If you and I were to go on a coffee date, of course it would be at Starbucks, and we would probably end up being there way longer than planned. Because that's how it always happens with friends, right?

I would tell you my life is great right now. Things are actually working out and we are moving forward. We live in a fantastic apartment. Saving money. Enjoying time together. We love it!

I would tell you I miss my sisters. All three of them. Really wish we all lived closer. We haven't all been together since my wedding last July.

I would tell you I go back and forth every.single.day. with what to be when I grow up. Do I go to nursing school? Do I continue working where I am and move up? Do I apply to other places and hope something else comes along. I literally drive myself crazy.

I would tell you how amazing I feel after I work out. But I would love to eat a gigantic cheeseburger and fries with ranch dressing and a Pepsi {yes all of it, not just a cheeseburger}. But I won't because, well that's just too many calories and I would mentally/emotionally/physically deal with it. Beat myself up about it.

I would tell you how badly I want kids. I would love to be in a position to get pregnant. All my friends have kids and/or are getting pregnant, makes me want it more. Even blog friends are getting pregnant. I'm kinda jealous actually.

I would tell you I want to start going to church again. But I am scared, nervous, excited. Oh I don't know...lots of emotions.

I would tell you how amazing my husband is. How much he supports me. How he is my biggest fan. How waking up next to him is the best feeling in the world. God truly did bless me with him.

I would let you tell me all about your life. Let you talk. A lot. I usually let my friends talk more than me. I love hearing about them, their kids, their families. Their lives. I ask to see photos. I take photos of us sitting there. Being silly. Having fun. Being girl friends.

I enjoyed our coffee date. Maybe more next week :)