Monday, October 31, 2011

He's Out of Town

Tony is gone for the entire week for work. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself. He left last night and won't be home until Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. We haven't been apart this many days since he was in the Marines. Sad days....

How sexy does he look in his uniform. He is thrilled beyond belief to be able to work with dogs again.
I am going to be bored out of my mind. Some of you may enjoy the fact that your hubs goes out of town and I agree a night alone is always enjoyable and relaxing. But more than that, and I just miss him like crazy.

What do to while hubby is gone:
I will probably work out like crazy...I don't know how much crazier I can get, I'm already exhausted afterwards. I will probably watch way too much TV. I will probably work late to get overtime because well, I have no one to go home to. I will probably blog a lot. I will probably eat the same meal every.single.night. for dinner. What is that you ask? Chicken and rice and veggies. Delicious, I know :)

I want to get my car washed. It is terrible how dirty it is. And living in an apartment makes it impossible to wash it myself :( I plan on cleaning the entire apartment. Scrubbing bathroom. Deep cleaning the kitchen. Maybe I will even get a little crazy and clean, not just sweep, the wood floors. Not sure I want to get too crazy though.
{I'm going to look like this wondering what I got myself into}

We had the pup with us all weekend. Let me just say, I have loved not dealing with animals since I left Texas. I have never been a huge animal person, but I do like dogs...big dogs. This dog Yen Mocha, I renamed him, was totally mellow. No barking. No noise. Seriously you would never have thought a dog was in the apartment. BUT...every time it came out of the kennel, it shook and sneezed and drooled. Oh.My.Word!!! There was so much dog hair on the ground...totally bothered me, I think just because we haven't had to clean up after a dog in so long.

Tony wants a pup so badly. His love for dogs is so great. I told him if we had a house, I would buy it for him in a second. Dogs don't belong in an apartment. Especially big dogs. They need room to run around. Grass to play on. But, if this job becomes full time, Yen Mocha will be living with us.

I told Tony having a dog is kinda similar to having kids. When they gotta go to the bathroom, you have to let them out. You have to clean up after them. Bath them. Nurture them. Feed them. Life changes when you have a dog AND a kid. You can't just get up and go. Something always needs to be taken care of before hand. I was just warning him. Hopefully I didn't scare him though...


Tami said...

That's wonderful that Tony is getting to work with dogs again! I know it makes you so happy to see him doing something he loves. Try to stay busy while he's gone! :)

Ashley said...

You'll probably have a really productive week! Just think- lots of blogging, catch up on tv and be well rested for when he gets home!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

awe! i hate not being with my honey!! best of luck getting through it - an di just spent a ton of time with too many dogs and it get overwhelming - im the same way about dogs...eek!

Jamie said...

Dogs are a lot of work and they add a lot of cleaning time to the apartment. But, its worth it to have a buddy around thats always happy!

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