Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Home

We love our new apartment. It is perfect for us.
We are both close to work. Seriously, like minutes away.
I come home for lunch if Tony is home, and we get to eat lunch together :)

Our apartment is close to so much stuff.
Walking distance to Trader of our favorite grocery stores.
By a HUGE park that has a running trail and lots of grass area.
Near all major freeways.
Lots of Starbucks and Coffee Beans.
Tons of new restaurants that we plan on trying out.

We Love It!!

We have tried to make our apartment feel homey.Of course there is more I would love to do {shelves with photos or a bookshelf}, but that requires spending money and we are trying not to.
So for now it will do :)
Love the laminate wood floors. Makes it look more open and bigger.
And it works great for us to work out on.
our workout stuff in the corner by the couch
love our couch from Urban Home
office and dining area
love the clock we found at Bed Bath & Beyond
lots of cabinet space. finally took out all our wedding gifts
That's our new place. We absolutely love it!


kristin said...

very nice! Love the kitchen and all of the cabinet space, a lot of apartments have such tiny kitchens with NO cabinet space!
Enjoy the new place and exploring the area! :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

your home is adorable! i love love love it!! congrats!!

Suze said...

Home is so cute :)