Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Six Pack

We walked to Trader Joe's on Sunday afternoon. It is so great to live so close to this store. OMG I love Trader Joe's. Initially we went there for lettuce and a few other items in the produce section.
And if you have ever been to Trader Joe's you know you can't just go in what you went there for, you have to walk around to see if anything new and interesting came in.

Well, I am sure this is not new. But it is new to us. You can make your own six pack. Seriously!!! We think this is the great thing ever!! Granted, they don't have a gigantic selection like BevMo, but still. So Tony studied the beers hard. Like really hard. Looked at the all. A few times actually. Grabbed them. Put them back. It was a huge decision. Let me tell you.

Me: Is it really this hard of a decision. It is just beer.
Tony: I'm almost done. Hold on.
Me: Baby, we can always come back and try different ones next time.
Tony: Oh yea! Good thinking lovie!

And so...we, I mean he, finally made his decision on the six pack of beer. We tried a Pumpkin Ale yesterday. I was not a fan. Tony thought it was good, just not something you get very often. So now we will try the other throughout the week/weekend. Tony loves Guinness and Smithwicks, so he just added those in there for fun lol. It's a great way to try new beers! Oh how I love Trader Joe's. They never disappoint :)