Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Round Up

I feel like the weekend went by so fast. I feel like we were totally busy and always on the go, but now thinking back...we weren't.

First things first, Tony got a call from the Doc and his ankle isn't broken or fractured. He just pulled something. So hopefully it heals properly and he will be back to normal {where he can run} in no time at all.

Friday evening we had a date night in and loved it!!
I made taco salad.
A little later we watched Transformers 3 {didn't like} and had a little Tuaca.
Love the shot glasses!
Of course ours is filled up to the USMC line...that's how we roll ;)
Saturday morning we made our way to Starbucks. 
Found a Chik-Fil-A nearby. On Sunset and Highland. We were stoked to say the least!
Spicy Chicken Biscuit.
This was breakfast and lunch. So delicious!!!
So I am seriously the worse person to take care of plants and/or flowers. But when mom and Aarika visited, they brought us flowers. I loved them. I finally weeded out the ugly dead ones, trimmed the stems.
Now they looks even more gorgeous. The flowers have opened up. I just love the yellow and coral colors. 
Tony made delicious carne asada burritos along side was rice and a beer :)
Tony worked, so I was home alone {tear}
I cleaned the house, like totally cleaned. I worked out :)
I watched home improvement shows and cooking shows and PS I Love You!

Sunday morning, we were going to walk to get coffee, but Tony's ankle was a bit sore. So we drove and just chatted and hung out on the patio for a while. Got the coupons out of the newspaper. I need to become a coupon pro like some of these gals I see in the blog world. You are all amazing with the money you save.

Got home and decided we should price items out at Costco vs. Target vs. Ralph's.
I have never done this before. Totally new to me. Totally out of my norm.
But we are trying to save as much money as we we did it :)
It was fun. I wrote everything down that we normally get at each store and compared prices.
I was shocked that at Costco it seriously has cheaper stuff for a lot of items.
Items that won't go bad. We never get produce there, just because we can't eat it fast enough.
Cereal is definitely cheaper and laundry detergent and cottage cheese {I crave it all of a sudden}, I could go on. And yes the grocery store and Ralph's is much cheaper for certain items as well. It was a fun little project for us and got us more aware of what to get where rather than just going somewhere out of convenience.

When we were pulling into the parking area, we saw a Radio Flyer wagon sitting by the dumpster.
Seriously?!?! It looked brand spankin' new!! Obviously we aren't in need of a wagon, but one day. One day.
We pulled into our spot and Tony went to go get it.
It's awesome! Just needs a wash. 
Decided to google the price. Found some for super cheap, but then we came across {quite a few actually} that were $150 and up. Yes!! We just got a Radio Flyer Special Edition Wagon for FREE!!!!!
Our future kids are going to love it :)
We love it! We remembering having one ask kids.

Tony worked Sunday night. So we had a super early dinner.
Left overs. I know some people do left overs. We do.
The asparagus Tony makes is amazing!! It is so delicious.
Tastes best on a grill/BBQ or a griddle {like the ones you can do on your gas stove}.
Get foil and put some olive oil spray on it.
Place asparagus and cook for a min. Then pour extra virgin olive oil on top and cook for a few min. Once they start turning brown pour balsamic vinegar one. Leave it on the fire for about 30 seconds. Take off and sprinkle pepper and garlic salt.
Delicious!! :)

Sunday night, I was on my own again. Just hung around the house. Watched TV. Meal Planned.
Worked out. Relaxed.

Eventful weekend :)
Love hanging out with Tony.


Joeylee said...

sounds like you had an awesome weekend. cute pics of you & your hubby!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

sounds amazing!!! why did you cross out future when discussing your children?!?!!?!??!!?

Kasey Lynne said...

Wow, you lucked out on the Radio Flyer!! Good job!

Thanks for making my mouth water with the pictures of deliciousness!