Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm ______ Because....

I’m weird because:
I crack my ankles all.the.time.
I always take a bit of the side dishes first.
I don't know how to file my nails, so I just bit them.
I want to be girlier, but I just hate how long it takes to do my hair and makeup.
I have major anxiety over just stepping foot into an airport.
I only drink Pepsi from Taco Bell. And it's the only time I drink soda.
I don't care how cold it is, I will wear flip flops.

I’m a bad friend because:
I never call people. I can text up a storm, but I just don't call.
I don't put enough effort into keeping in touch.
I don't return calls and end up losing friends.

I’m a good friend because:
You call me up at 2am and I will be there for you.
I am a great listener.
I love to see the joy and happiness their kids bring them.
I will support them even if I don't agree with their decisions.

I’m sad because:
This will be the first Christmas my family isn't all together.
I don't get to see my sisters very often.
My face has been breaking out like crazy...I feel like a teenager.

I’m happy because:
Our first time hosting Thanksgiving was a success.
Of Christmas music.
I get to meet my cousin's baby soon.
We love our apartment and the location we live in.
The weather has been amazingly gorgeous the last few days.
I am married to an amazing man

I’m excited for:
My birthday on the 9th.
Getting a Christmas tree this weekend.
Watching Miracle on 34th Street.
What 2012 will bring Tony and me.
{I have seen this around and wanted to jump on the bandwagon too.}


Sharon said...

It is alwasy cool to read how you think you are!! You are amazing even with all of our quirks!

Tami said...

I must be weird too because I'm the exact same way about flip flops! :) loved reading this!

Erin said...

You are my twin during the "I'm a bad friend because" section and "I'm a good friend because" I felt like I was reading my own thoughts. At least I'm not alone though. Thanks for posting this.

jessica said...

i love this post. in my opinion, filing your nails is totally over-rated. bite away. i do!

and i dont know how many times i tell myself "today, i'm gonna dress super girly" and then i end up just wearing whats super comfy.

i would totally rather text. i wish my grandmother knew how to it would make me stay in touch with her more.
anyways loved this post! im excited to see what 2012 bring me, also. :)

Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

I love discovering little random facts about people. You're too funny.


The Burtons said...

How funny your bday is the 9th- mine is the 10th! Gotta love the Sag's! :)

Kate said...

I love everything that you're "excited for" -- you birthday is coming up? Woot woot!!! And 2012? Maybe a babyyyyyyyyyyyy :-D

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

love this post!! I feel you about breaking out...maybe its the weather?! or the santa ana winds?! ha!

Lindsay said...

Loving all these posts! So fun to get to know you better :)