Monday, November 7, 2011

Kitchen Disaster

Friday night I went to dinner with my dad. Just the two of us. It was nice. I don't think we have ever gone to dinner just us...usually it is coffee. Thanks daddy-o!! :)

After dinner I stopped by the store because I wanted to surprise Tony with a Pumpkin Cheesecake. He was coming home late that night from his week in Vegas, so I thought what a great treat right?!! Talk about disaster!!! Mind you, I have made this before and it was delicious. Paula Deen's recipe is yum!!! So I get all the ingredients and begin. First off...we don't have a mixer. Mom hasn't given it to me about calling my mom out huh? ;) So I tried to use anything else in the kitchen. I ended up using a hand held blender thing and while I was cleaning it out I slice my finger. And you all know how finger cuts just DO NOT stop bleeding. Blood got everywhere. It got in the cream cheese...totally disgusting!! So I had to scoop that out. Nasty, I know. But I swear I got it all out :)
Then I got cinnamon and melted butter all over the kitchen. Like not even joking. It was all over the floor. The cabinets. Everywhere. Can you tell I don't bake often? So needless to say I was stressing. Majorly. I called mom so she could laugh at me calm me down. Everything was everywhere. Finally, I get the damn cheesecake in the oven, I start washing the dishes....then all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off. Yes the fire alarm!!! Scared the shit out of me!!! I think the fact that we have wood floors in a small apartment made it echo 20 times louder. So my heart starts pounding. Pounding a million miles an hour. This was just adding to the stress already occurring. I turn if off. Open every.single.window., turn the floor fan on hoping to get the smoke out. Forgot to mention it was like 45 degrees outside. I start washing the dishes again and low and behold, the fire alarm went of AGAIN!! Heart pounding like crazy. I heart sirens outside thinking someone called the fire department on me. Not for me..thank goodness!
Finally about 30 minutes later, I settled down. Everything was cleaned up. Oh, and the cheesecake ended up in the trash because the oven kept smoking. Hubs didn't get his surprise. Yesterday, I ended up cleaning the oven...GROSS!!! Man, I was so stressed. Baking is not my thing. 
{the disaster}

Saturday I decided since I had a major wife fail, I needed to go get Tony his pumpkin pie from Costco. He was more than thrilled. Thinking I will spend the $5 at Costco rather than making a horrible mess at home.


Rebekah said...

Haha, oh no! I think we've all had our moments like that! At least he liked the one from Costco!

Stephanie said...

Oh no! Poor thing- I have a super easy pumpkin pie recipe I will share on the blog, try that one it's SO easy :) I love the costco pies!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

ha! oh man!! i always hate when the alarm goes off!! In our first apartment, I was learning how to use the gas stove - and sometimes it just goes off whenever it feels like...I SWEAR!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh no! We've all been there!