Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When You Realize You Are Your Parents

Do you ever feel like you are turning into your parents? By your words. Or your actions. By the way you carry out a task. I do. Especially when it comes to being a cheap ass frugal.

That is my dad. He is quite as bad as  he once was, but I would still say he is. Sometimes to the extreme, but generally he is just watchful of this money I guess you could say ;) Growing up, I remember going to his house and freeze my butt off. He would never turn the air on. There was little to no ventialtion inside. It was just ridiculous. All us kids would crowd around the fireplace, with blankets and layers upon layers of clothes on. Just so our little fingers and toes wouldn't fall off.

Well, in this respect I have become my dad. I am way too much of a cheap ass to turn on our heater. So we freeze. Literally, we are freezing in our apartment. Being that it is old, I know the ventilation can't be great. Having laminate wood floors probably doesn't help much. And no dual paned windows. Therefore, no heat stays inside.

Sunday, it rained. Quite a bit in the morning. It was pouring rain when we left to get the paper and our coffee. So we dressed accordingly. Uggs, scarf, long sleeves, jacket, beanie. The works.
We stayed dressed this way the rest of the day. Seriously, later on it was warmer outside than inside.

I have become my dad. I am a cheap ass. I would rather put on layers and layers of clothes and blankets, that turn the heater on. Our bed has 3 blankets on it. The rest of the winter we will freeze in our 60* apartment. Because I am we are cheap.


Michelle said...

I feel ya girl! We have had years that we aim to keep the heater off until November. And freeze the the process :)Same with air - we try to wait until June or later. But now with a baby on the way, we can't be such cheap asses. But luckily we have a well insulated home and geothermal unit, so it could be much worse!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

that is exactly how my family is! and i am the same way now! it is crazy!!

its better and snugglier (yes that is a word) to put on more clothes or just to snuggle together!

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