Monday, December 5, 2011

Shopping and Alcohol

Tony had Saturday off. The entire day. Totally excited!! We didn't have anything special planned, just to be able to hang out all day. We got up and ready. Had some breakfast and coffee. Then we were off to the mall. I wanted Tony to show me a few things on this Christmas list and have him try them on to make sure he really wants it. Good thing he did because there's a few things he changed his mind on.
Went into Nordstrom's and this is the first thing I spotted. Seriously?!?!? Moon Boots!!!
Do people really buy these and wear for fashion??? They look like a Halloween costume.
We made our way over to Costco. Crazy thinking for sure. That place is a mad house during the holidays, I thought it was just bad on the weekends, but my goodness!!! The holidays make people go crazy in Costco.
A perfect gift for hubs and daddy-o those loved ones. Not sure how good the alcohol actually is, but I think it is more about the look than the liquor.
{don't mind the one finger nail painted. was testing colors at target}

If you ever feel like getting wasted/totally and completely drunk, just come on over to my place...
I sure know how to make insanely strong drinks. Tony said his vision was getting a little blurred..hehe.
So then I was told by him I don't know how to measure my alcohol. Apparently I didn't follow the instructions properly. But hey...strong drinks lead to...
well you know ;)
Have I ever mention Tony's love for pumpkin pie. You see, he could have it every single day of his life. And well Saturday night he decided to have three pieces. Yes 3!!!!
Although, he doesn't eat the crust...just the filling.


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

the crust is the best part!! And I am on my way for a drink! ;-)

Sarah said...

First let me just say that I am loving the title of this post. Only good things can come of shopping and alcohol! :) And alcohol squirt guns! Ha, I would get it and if the alcohol was bad just dump it and put some good stuff in it. How fun! Haha