Monday, December 19, 2011

Totally Surprised!!!

Thursday night I was sitting home alone, watching TV, waiting for Tony to get off work. When all of a sudden there an extremely loud knock at the front door. Totally made me jump. Freaked me out. I go see who it is and it's mom. She had text me earlier saying she might stop by to drop off some gifts, but she said she wasn't close by yet so I didn't think it was her. Well, as soon as I open the door I see her...then my sister pops from around the corner. She flew in for the weekend as a surprise since I won't see her on Christmas.
Let me just say my heart nearly exploded. I was shocked. I had no clue she was coming into town. It was a Birthday/Christmas surprise. I probably would have cried had my heart not nearly burst from the knock. Having Aarika here and staying with me for the weekend was a blast. It was absolutely a great surprise!!
We definitely got crazy!!! Love you seester!!!

Side note: I was wondering why Aarika hadn't talk to me much in the last week or so. All our conversations had been kinda short. But I just figured she was busy or hanging out with the boyfriend. So I just brushed it off. Well...she said she couldn't talk to me because she was afraid she would have ruined the surprise.

Coffee date. Girl talk. Gossiping. Running errands. Campos for lunch. Dr. Conkey's. Running more errands. Hanging out at home. Tony made us strong drinks, then put his head phones on and played Xbox so he had no part in our festivities. Drunken speed. Making silly videos of ourselves. Laughing. Lots and lots of laughing. Aarika told me I am the funniest person she knows....besides herself of course ;)
Love me some sister time!!
{been longing for a coffee date with each other for a LONG time}
{she was totally enjoying the California sunshine}
{drunken speed}
{Everyone takes silly photos of themselves when drunk, right?!?!}

To be continued...


Eric's Mommy said...

Awwwwww! That is so cool!!

Tami said...

What an awesome surprise! I love the pics of the two of you together!

Joeylee said...

what a great surprise!

Lindsay said...

How fun! LOVE stories like this!

Faith said...

that is so sweet! what a great surprise! sisters are the best! we do the silly pictures too! they are the best pics!