Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekends Always End :(

Up and at it a bit too early. Grocery store. Coffee stop. Rest of my sisters came over. Said our goodbyes to mom and Aarika. Dad came over. Made dinner for dad, Kell, Laur and Tony for a Christmas get together.

Last weekend was definitely one to remember. I had so much fun. With Aarika. Thank you mom for flying Aarika in. We had so much crazy fun, you have no idea ;) Love you sista fren!! The family get together. Hanging out with mom. Meeting baby Flora. Having dad, Kelley, and Lauren over.


Faith said...

looks like the perfect way to celebrate the holiday ... with family!

love the pictures and how happy everyone looked to be with each other.

Aarika Marie said...

oh so you bring out the good camera for laur kel and g-man...i see how it is

Victoria + Ryan said...

hope you had a wonderful christmas!!!! :)