Monday, January 30, 2012

Coffee Date

I have decided to cut back on my coffee intake. Ok well maybe not my intake, but the amount I get from Starbucks. We are really trying to save money, well more money, and have decided to cut things out that we really don't need. Now that I admitted it for the entire world wide web to see...hold me accountable ;)
I will only be going to my beloved coffee shop on Mondays and maybe Fridays and then of course our Sunday couponing ritual at Starbucks. That is two or three days instead seven.
I have to say that's a huge start!

So with this being Monday, I feel like there should be some coffee talk. Maybe this will be my Monday ritual. We'll see...
I would tell you how extremely bored I have been lately. Not being able to do a whole lot and needing to take it easy, is seriously driving me up the wall. Saturday it really hit me and it was just one of them days.

I would tell you how lucky we are to be in southern California with this amazingly gorgeous weather. Clear blue skies. Loving it!! Just wish I had a pool to lay out at.

I would tell you how extremely happy I am for Tony because he signed up to take classes this semester. Yup, he did it. All by himself. He is working towards his degree and I am so proud!!!

I would admit to you that I over did it at work last week. I jumped back into the game a bit too early and too much, so I am paying for it now.

I would be happy to tell you I finally stopped bleeding after two weeks since my surgery. Two weeks of bleeding from my period and my body being all messed up from surgery.
I would tell you I miss my mom and sister so terribly much. When I think about them not being near by I get teary eyed.

I would admit to you the secret of how badly I want to get pregnant and not be on birth control pills...even though Tony and I made the decision together. But who knows, maybe things will change ;)

I would tell you how badly I want to move up in the company I work for. I know I could be a great manager. But I also wouldn't mind going to a few seminars to help improve either.

I would admit how selfless I can be sometimes. I like to see my husband extremely happy even if that means I don't get what I want. But I can also be selfish and want want want, no matter the cost.

I would admit that I cannot wait for summer. I am so excited to lay in the sun. Feet in the sand. And get this pale skin some color!

Until next week...