Monday, January 9, 2012

Eating Together

Growing up we always ate at the dinner table. It was something we did every single night, minus Fridays and Saturdays as those were 'play' nights. Sitting at the table made us talk. Tell about our day... what we learned at school that day; which was nothing we could ever remember, isn't that how it always is until you get older and actually care. We had to take turns talking. Sometimes it was difficult to get a word in. You didn't want to take a breath because someone else would start their story. I remember sometimes we would raise our hand, partly as a joke, just so we could speak. It never seemed inconvenient to all sit together. It was our time together as a family.  There was laughter. Mean words. Jokes. Ganging up on each other. Lots of laughter. I cherish those memories.

When Tony and I met, I told him I wanted to always sit at the dinner table together. No TV on. No phones. Again minus Friday and Saturday nights if we felt like ordering pizza or what not and watching a movie.
He was perfectly fine with this because he grew up that way as well.

I think it is important as a couple and/or family to sit at the dinner table. It is something that I have always told myself I will do. With Tony. With our children. It allows family time. Time to get to know one another. There is too much technology out there that takes away from communication and it really bothers me.

Sitting at the table. For breakfast, lunch and dinner is something I cherish. Tony and I don't always have something to talk about 24/7. That just isn't normal...I don't think. So sometimes yes, our dinner time is quieter than others. But we are ok with that. We are still spending time together. Without any distractions.
I truly believe it brings relationships closer.

Dinner time is a special to me.
I actually change my work hours the days Tony works at night, so we can eat dinner together.
We enjoy that 20-30 minutes together. Just us.

Do you sit at the table with your husband and/or kids?


Jamie said...

Morning Linz! I just read your blog, and I agree with you. Our family also sat around the table, and had lots of "interesting" conversations. As the kids got older, and had various activities and we couldn't be home for dinner some nights, we would all meet at McDonalds, or wherever. I just felt the importance of meal time with the family. Wherever it would be, it was important to have that family time. As the family grows larger, I still enjoy meal time when everyone comes to our home.

Carry on the traditions!

Sara Lynn said...

I was thinking about this last night. We had a family dinner and it was nice to have everyone together just chatting! I loved those times as a kid but now it happens only sometimes and that is on special occassions or just on Sundays! either way I love it!

Jess said...

I sit down to dinner with my boyfriend every night. We don't always have much to chat about, but we each share a PIT & PEAK to our day. Its a nice way to go over things : )

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Oh yes! I think this is a great post and totally accurate! We eat by candle light too!! Light some candles - itll make dinner all the more romantic...even if its chinese take out :-)

Eric's Mommy said...

Our house is too small for a kitchen table and I hate it. I grew up eating at the table and wish my family could do the same.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE this post. This has been on my heart lately. I think it is SO IMPORTANT! :)

Samantha Lynne said...

Love this post! I def agree with you. I cherish dinner time with my hubby because it is the only time we get to really sit down and talk about our days.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

We eat at the table pretty much every night, but once in a while we'll do a movie or tv night and do dinner on the couch too. I think once we have kids (whenever that may be) we'll make sure to do dinner at the table every night.

Alison said...

I totally agree with you. My husband and I started eating at the dinner table more. It's so much better! We get to talk and just enjoy each other's company.