Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love Me Some Coupons!

Sunday morning Tony and I got up early to get to Starbucks. It was the big coupon day for the paper. P&G had a huge spread so we didn't want to miss it. And let me tell you I cut out loads of coupons. 
What I know Tony and I won't use, I sent to my mom.
I sent her an envelope full of coupons...ones she will actually use/stuff she needs. 
I got her to start couponing, I'm so proud :)
My father in law and sister in law were down south for the weekend, so on their way back home they stopped to have lunch with us. Always nice seeing them.  

Now, for my big excitement for the weekend. I got to spend all of Sunday with Tony!! Yup, he didn't have to work. Ok, ok...that wasn't actually what I was referring to. It is always nice to spend days with him.
That's a given.
BUT...I got a good deal!!
Tony needed to get multi vitamins. So we checked the paper to see if anywhere was having deals. Low and behold, CVS and Rite Aid, both had the same deals on Nature Made Vitamins. Actually the deal goes until this coming Saturday. Deal is Buy One, Get One Free!!! You have to have a rewards card, which is free and super duper easy to sign up for. The vitamins were $11.99 per bottle of 90, totalling $23.98 for two bottles. BUT...we get one free, so we are paying $11.99, right?! WRONG!!! I have a coupon for Nature Made that is $3.00 off when you buy two.
That brought our total to $8.99 for both bottles of vitamin {plus tax our total was about $10.00}.
Awesome deal huh?!


Faith said...

i love clipping coupons ... we do it every Sunday too ... saving money is the best feeling ... why spend more for the same item if you can spend less!

awesome deal on the vitamins :)

Jess said...

I do coffee and coupons every sunday too! it's actually become one of my favorite things to do during the week :)

Caitlin Guindon said...

That's so sweet you sent coupons to your Mom! Yumm Starbucks.. now I Want some!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Nice! Have you checked out the "vons 4U"? You should! It is couponing on line and goes straight to your card and you dont need to cut any coupons!

And you pick the ones you want based on what you buy! Pretty neat!

just go to vons.com!