Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Note: this is for my memory of the surgery. Pictures included. I want to be able to remember this.

Well I survived...barely ;) Friday morning I was getting nervous but trying not to think about it. I cleaned up the house a bit to try and get my mind off things. Being that I was extremely nervous about them taking my ovary out. I wrote on my stomach. Yes, I know the chances of the messing up and taking the wrong ovary out are slim...mistakes still happen. And I want kids.
{haven't been able to work out in 4 weeks...and it shows :-/ }
My surgery was on Friday at noon. So I got to the hospital at 10am to check in and just prepare. Those were the longest two hours of my life. Oh my!!! I was getting so anxious and nervous...the time couldn't go fast enough.
{before surgery}
I finally got called back so I could put my hospital gown on and vitals checked. So I go back there. I change. Then the nurse comes in and tells me my potassium levels were high from a couple days prior, so they needed to take my blood again. Seriously?!!?! I have been poked a million times since the whole fiasco. The lady comes in. Puts the tourniquet on my arm. She pokes. And when I mean pokes. She struck a nerve. YES!!! A NERVE!!! Pain shot up instantly to my finger tips. It hurt so badly. I said some things to her, that I won't repeat...just use your imagination. It was awful. I seriously wanted to cry. Finally she got the hell out  of there....didn't even say sorry.

The nurse proceeds to get me ready. The doctor comes in. The anesthesiologist comes in. Finally they take me to the operating soon. Now the nerves are high. Really high. But I guess I can't do much when I am laying on the operating table. Last I remember is looking up at the lights, listening to all the doctor's and nurses prepare.

About 2 hours later I woke up in the recovery room. Shivering like there is no tomorrow. The shakes wouldn't stop. Apparently that happens to some after waking up from surgery. I get to the post-op room and finally see Tony. Don't remember much of our first conversations. I finally completely wake up. I laid there for a bit. The nurse was very helpful. I couldn't move just too painful. The first time I stood up was to use the restroom and change into the cloth gown and take of the surgical gown. I got super light headed and shaky. So the nurse and Tony had to take over and help.

A couple hours later Tony went and got us food. I just needed something in my stomach besides the gazillion amounts of water I had been drinking and the constant IV entering my body. Tony brought a chicken sandwich {had a couple bites} and milk. Did you know you aren't supposed to have milk after surgery?!? I didn't. That's when the nausea hit...within minutes. It was bad!!! I had no idea....
Around 6pm, I wasn't feeling great. The pain wasn't going away, so the doctor decided I should stay the night. I was transferred to the post-partum department. It was super quiet, so I was thinking...sweet I will definitely get some sleep. Nope. Not a chance. Tony stayed the night with me. Love him!!! He slept on the little window bench/bed they have for husbands. But we got woken up constantly. I had to pee another gazillion times. Literally every half hour. The nurses came to check on me. The CNA came to take my vitals every few hours. At 1am, they took my blood...again. My bed was terrible. I feel awful for momma's that delivered a watermelon baby out of their hoo hah's and sleep in those beds. They are terribly uncomfortable!
Saturday morning was the first time I saw the doctor being fully awake. He told me....went in laparoscopically, check the left ovary and it was good. So started to remove the cyst on the right ovary without removing the ovary. The cyst was just wrapped around it so much, as he was trying to separate the ovary and the cyst there was tons of bleeding. He had to take out the right ovary as well. With all the bleeding, the ovary would have died if he left it in...no reason for that. Then he checked my endometriosis. There was way more than he thought. So much scar tissue all over my insides. He was shocked. Shocked with the amount. Shocked that I have no pain from it. He burned off all the scar tissue that he was able to before losing more blood. I lost 800cc of blood, almost a liter!!
{morning after surgery}
{our view}
I have Stage 2 endometriosis. In order to prevent this/calm this down, we either need to be on birth control or get pregnant. So that is something we need to discuss soon. I am beyond exhausted from the surgery. I have very little energy...mostly due to losing so much blood. My entire body has been sore because of the gas they filled my abdominal wall with to be able to see. It has made my whole body ache, which makes it almost impossible to get comfy at home.
{I am so swollen I look like I have a ball inside me}
{taken the day after surgery}
My lower abdomen is sore...obviously :) It has been a chore to get off the couch and walk ten feet to the restroom. If I get up on my own it takes a couple of minutes. Thank God Tony has been here to help.
I know in a couple of weeks I will be back to normal. I am trying to take it easy and not overdue it. Which is beyond difficult for me because I hate just sitting around. Yesterday was my first venture outside. Took all my energy. I was exhausted by the end of the day.
{taken last night}
Tony has been an amazing caretaker. Seriously, he has been amazing!! More than I could have ever imagined. He has gotten me dressed. Helped me shower. Fixed my pillows a million and one times. Put my shoes on. Cooked. Refilled my water cup over and over. Rented me movies. I could go on and on. Thank you so much baby!! I love you around the world.

I go to the doctor this morning for a check. I have been bleeding vaginally and I have no idea if it is from the surgery or from getting my period. So the be on the safe side, I decided to go in. I am scheduled to get my stitches out on Friday, but we will see what the doctor says this morning.

I hope to be back to work by the end of the week or next week for sure. I just need the energy to be able to walk around and drive there. But I survived and I am glad the nerve-wracking part is over :)


Kate said...

Oh friend - I am so glad this surgery is over and that your in recovery. You are strong and will get through this and have beautiful babies! Don't wait... start trying... You'll be a great mom!!

Anonymous said...

I stop by your blog about once or twice a month because you just seem like such a nice person (when you're not getting poked incorrectly! Lol). I'm sorry to read about all the pain and surgery you've had, but will be praying that everything goes smoothly from here on out. Kudo's for Tony helping you through everything too. Take care of yourself. Have a nice day. :)

T in NC

Ashley said...

Glad it went well! I'm looking at having laproscopic surgery to remove a tube and I am freaking out!! I hope your recovery is quick and as painless as possible!

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

Ish... that does not sound fun.
Hope you recovery is easy and fast. :)

Faith said...

oh goodness ... so sorry that you had are are going through so much pain ... glad that you had a successful surgery though.

praying that you have a quick and smooth recovery.

Ashley said...

I'm so glad everything went well and you are on the road to a strong recovery! Tony is so wonderful - that is so great that he was able to stay with you!

Joeylee said...

In so glad the surgery went well. Hoping you start to feel better soon & sounds like you have a pretty awesome husband

Stephanie said...

Glad everything went well and that it is over! Hope you have a quick recovery!

Mama Mandolin said...

I was thinking about you hoping your surgery went well! Oh, and I know what you mean when they hit a nerve....I had it happen once when I was donating blood. I yelped really loud when she did it and i had trouble pinching stuff for the next week without my fingers and hands getting tingly!

ANYWAYS, rest! I hope your recovery goes well :)

Lindsay said...

WOW girl! SO glad everything went ok! You are a rockstar!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I am so glad that you are safe and everything went ok. Rest rest rest and take good care of yourself! it sounds like you have an amazing man who is taking great care of you :-)

Lindsey said...

I'm so sorry, but glad to hear you are recovering well. Get rest and know you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Sara said...

What a journey to go through... you're so brave, and I loved that you wrote on your left ovary. Hopefully it made for some good laughs in the OR. Wishing you a smooth recovery, rest up.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

So so glad to hear it went tell! Hang in there - you are amazing!

Mrs. Mama said...

oh my goodness i cant believe i missed this entire post. glad everything went ok... let me know if you need anything.

i see that getting pregnant would "help" the situation... and you probably know how i feel about that :)

do what you need to do girl though for YOU.


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