Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Holiday

Tony and I did our Christmas a few days early (December 22th) because for Christmas weekend we were going up to Fresno to visit his family.
Mom got us a bunch of stuff. Me: Clothes, jewelry, makeup. Tony: motorcycle stuff, boots, clothes.
Thanks mom!!!
We each got each other a black Spyder Jacket. I got him a PS3 (the crazy wife that I am..feeding into the damn video games). Tony got me a Michael Kors watch!!!
On the 23rd we drove to Fresno for the weekend. That evening we went out to dinner with a bunch of people at our favorite Mexican food restaurant....Casa Corona. So delicious!!
{Taking shots out of a handgun}
{playing with his mom's new pup}
Christmas Eve
{our car froze over night. we had to scrap the ice off...craziness}
Everyone was busy doing random things on Christmas Eve, so Tony and I ordered a pizza and ate in bed and watched a movie. Totally relaxing and enjoyable.
 Merry Christmas!!
{made our way to SB for some coffee and breakfast before making our rounds}
We headed over to my sister-n-law's house to visit with their family for a bit.
Talked and played with their pup.
Then we went over to Nona's house for some homemade Italian lunch/dinner. It was delicious. So much food. But so worth it. We hung out there for a bit before we headed to Uncle's house for dessert, drinks and card games.
{Tony and Nona}
{Tony and Sister-n-law}
It was a fun holiday weekend. It was nice to be off for 4 days and enjoy being around family and relaxing.
Truth be told I did miss my family Christmas morning. It was the first time I have been without them, but I know once married things change...you gotta share the holidays.

The next week was pretty laid back for us. Tony worked the K9 job for pre-Rose Bowl events and brought the pup home for a couple nights. Dogs just don't do well in an apartment...at least that's my opinion. It just drove me bananas having a large dog in such a small space.

The day before New Year's Eve, my mind was in other places (I'll get to that tomorrow) and Tony was working late. It didn't even cross my mind that it was almost 8pm.  So on Tony's way home he picked up
In-N-Out. I cannot tell you how delicious that tasted. We rarely get fast food...but man this was delicious.
A vanilla shake, cheeseburger and fries...YUM!!!

New Year's Eve day we cleaned our entire apartment. Like spotless. Scrubbed everything. Got rid of things we don't need. Clothes we don't wear. Swept. Moped. Scrubbed. Long exhausting day. So we decided to order pizza and drink beer. We are some crazy partiers I tell ya. This is what we wore...comfy clothes.
But in all seriousness, it was enjoyable and relaxing and we knew we were safe from all the crazies.
{don't mind that I look terrible and I have no ounce of makeup on}
 New Year's Day
We woke up and went to get coffee and the paper for coupons. Went on a bike ride because it was the most beautiful day out...about 80 degrees. What a perfect way to start 2012!
I decided we should celebrate the New Year and use our gift card for Outback.
At 5pm it was still gorgeous out, so I decided to wear a dress :)
Have I mentioned I rarely show off my legs..shorts and dresses just aren't my thing. But I'm trying for hubs.
 Later that night we played Monopoly. I won!!!

I have been MIA for the past two weeks. Not in the mood to be on the computer.
I had a nice time off...relaxing and enjoying time with Tony and our families.

Now I am ready for 2012 and what it will bring us!
Happy New Year!!