Friday, January 20, 2012

Stitches Out and Getting Out

I just have to say I didn't think this surgery would be as difficult as it has been. Ok, well I know for sure there are surgeries out there that are far worse...but this one has been pretty hard on me.

I went to the Dr. Tuesday morning because I was having some bleeding. I had no clue if it was my period or bleeding from surgery, so I just wanted to make sure all is ok. We had to park quite a bit away from the office, well a block but that a huge feat for me right now. I told Tony I wanted to walk it because I needed to get my body moving. I was beyond exhausted! But it was amazing to walk in the sun...oh how I've missed the sun :) The Dr. took my stitches out. Thank God there was no pain there, I was getting hot and sweaty just thinking about it. Never had stitches removed before. 

Then he proceeded to ask what we decided...birth control or get pregnant. He said I needed to decide to help calm the endometriosis. We hadn't really discussed it because my mind has been on just recovering. Ideas were thrown around, but that's about it for us. It has been decided right now to be on birth control pills. For one, until I am fully healed we don't plan on doing anything. For two, we can always go off the pills if we change our minds. So as of now, I am taking the pill. Yes, I am still nervous about how hard it will take to get pregnant, but right now this is our decision. And in a couple months we will visit it again we decided.

I am still pretty swollen. It isn't going down fast enough. I'm afraid I won't be able to put pants on next week when I go to work because I am huge {in my eyes}. Although, I will be wearing dresses and warm up pants for a few weeks to work as it hurts if anything rubs.

Wednesday afternoon, mom came into town. Yay!! :) We drove to Simi because she had a ton of our stuff in her car that was needing to go into storage. After Tony and her did all that, because I am useless right now, I treated Tony to Dr. Conkeys. Yes, the mom and pop shop I have talked about. Love it!!! He got his chocolate chip cappuccino malt. And being the amazing husband that he is, he came back to the car with a little bag of treats for me :) Total surprise!! He bought my favorite lemon chocolate chip scone and a bag of their Valentine's Day jelly beans {my all time favorite!!!}. That made for one happy wife!!! :) Then we were starving, so we decided to split a burrito from Sharkey's. Yum!! Still don't fully have my appetite back, so I couldn't even finish my half. But it was delicious!

Yesterday I woke up with some energy. More than I have had this entire time. I made the bed...yup! I did :) It took me about 20 minutes, but that is the most energy I've exerted in a while. I also did one load of laundry. Daring, I know ;)

This weekend I am excited to hang out with my momma!! Miss her like crazy!! Saturday Tony works during the day, so it is going to be a girls day. Have no clue what we will do...I think it is supposed to rain. But either way, it will be fun to spending time together. I know she misses her favorite daughter ;) {You know it's true Aarika :-P}

Other than that, I will just try to rest up so I can get back to work on Monday.


Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

rest rest rest! I am glad you are feeling a bit better and could walk the block and make your bed!

You and momma should get pedicures! :-)

Kasey Lynne said...

Glad you're doing okay girl.

I know it's scary...but just try and think as positive as you can.

Have a good weekend with your momma!