Friday, January 27, 2012

With Momma

Last night I stayed with my momma at the hotel. It was her last night here, so I thought it would be fun to hang out with her. Just she and I. A girls night.
I love hanging out with her. It feels like home when mom is around.
We picked up some salads and onion rings {so delicious} at The Habit. Drove over to Golden Spoon. Because what is a girls night without some frozen yogurt without some toppings. Then headed to the hotel to stuff our faces and watch celebrity news and whatever else we could find on TV.
We relaxed and chatted and laughed. It was a fun little sleepover.

This morning we got up at the crack of dawn early so mom could head out back to Texas. We stopped by Del Taco for mom's Diet Coke {can't live without the DC} and Starbucks for coffee {me} and muffins.
As we were driving out of Simi Valley, the sunrise was absolutely gorgeous!!! The sky was so many colors. The dark hills in the background. Just plain beautiful!
As we were driving, so mom would drop me off at home, I was trying to hard to hold the tears back. I was thinking of anything and everything to not cry. I just didn't want her to see me cry because then she would lose it. And her driving to Texas alone crying. Thinking. The entire 24 hour drive. Would bother me. My eyes filled tears, so then I would say something funny just so they wouldn't fall down my face.

I really miss having my mom around. I don't like her being half way across the country. Yes, we talk and text. But having her here. In person. Live. Is a million times better. Tony text me last night while I was hanging with mom and said, 'I don't want your mom to leave. It's so nice having her here.' That made me feel so good and sad at the time same time.

As I type this I am finally letting all the tears come out.
But they need to get out. Just as long as momma doesn't see ;)

Thank you for spending so much time with Tony and me this trip mom. We loved it!!!


Joeylee said...

That's great that you got to spend time with your mom. I know how you feel, my mom lives in CO and I live in CA. They just moved to CO a year ago and its been so hard on me. My mom and I use to do everything together. Hang in there. That was a beautiful sunrise!

Sara Lynn said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!

The sunrise picture is GORGEOUS!!!

Erin said...

What a sweet post :) So cool to see a mom/daughter relationship so close like yours. I long to have that one day with my own future daughters.

That sunrise picture is INCREDIBLE! I never get tired of seeing pics like those!

Mrs. Mama said...

aw this got me all sorts of teary eyes. nothing like a mom daughter relationship... and you two obviously have an amazing one.

love the FOOD you guys picked up too, my kind of girls.

can't wait for you two to see each other again!

Anonymous said...

Two beauties!

T in NC

Tami said...

I know exactly how you feel! It's so hard being away from your Mom no matter how old you are!