Friday, February 24, 2012

hiking and delicious food

got up bright and early on tony's birthday to get him chick-fil-a.
the best spicy chicken biscuit sandwich! i knew it would start his day off right.
then it was on to opening his gifts, well some of them. the day before we picked up a bunch of things from play it again sports. and by bunch of things, i mean a boat load of work out equipment.
{i'll post photos of our new equipment next week when i beginning tracking my fitness/healthy lifestyle}
used and cheap! perfect!
his gift to unwrap was a heart rate monitor. and i decided to wrap mine up he unwrapped both :) then we headed to runyon canyon for a crazy hard and exhausting hike.
{it probably wouldn't have been as difficult had not had to stop working out from surgery.}
 came home, got all cleaned up for an amazing dinner at larsen's steakhouse. never been there before, it was delicious!!! expensive, but oh so yummy!! we decided to go all out. appetizer, soup/salad, entree and dessert. thank goodness the dessert was free! :) we shared our a steak and Alaskan crab legs for the both of us. we couldn't even finish it all, so we brought it home and had dinner for the next night.
love spending days with tony. we have so much fun together. his 26th birthday was fabulous...
if i don't say so myself. i asked him though, he agreed!
i love you baby!!


Eric's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Tony!

Ashley said...

yay for birthday celebrations!! =)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Sounds like a fantastic bday!