Thursday, February 16, 2012

mahi mahi

Tony makes a delicious Mahi Mahi meal. I have never been a huge fish eater, but I can handle white fish more now than ever before. Good thing, because I know it is super healthy and Tony loves to cook it.

Simple. Delicious. Healthy.

Mahi Mahi {or any other white fish}
1/4 yellow onion chopped up
2 or so garlic cloves {finely chopped}
white wine {we've used $2 Chuck, Riesling}
little bit of pepper

Make a bowl of some sort out of foil. Maybe not a bowl, more like a square dish shape. Put it on a Pam sprayed skillet or griddle. Place pieces of fish in the foil. Put the cut up onion and garlic directly on top of the pieces of fish. Then pour about 1/4 cup of white wine all over the fish. Let fish cook.
Do not flip...just move it around a bit, so the bottom doesn't burn.
Fish is done at 145*.

Make some rice, veggies and drink some white wine.
It is delicious!!!