Monday, February 6, 2012

not quite there yet...

This whole surgery has really gotten to me. I didn't think the recover would take as long as it is. I do have all my energy back, or at least I think I do. Haven't worked out yet. Going to wait about another week.
I am still not back into my normal clothes. And it is beyond frustrating!!

Saturday morning I told myself to try a pair of jeans on. Now, this probably wasn't the best idea...but I fit into some of my work pants so I thought I'd be ok. Four pairs of jeans later, one pair finally went past my hips. They pulled up nicely. So then I try to zip them up and button them.

Total failure.

Not a chance in hell were these pants zipping up all the way. I just have to wear a long baggy shirt and
a tight tank top underneath to help keep my pants from falling off.
What an ordeal. Just to wear jeans.
It was a little too chilly for a dress. I wanted to prove I was healed and back to normal.
Guess not.

Later on, Tony and I went to Target. I was so close to buying that Bella Band pregnant women get to help keep their non maternity pants up. Thinking back maybe I should have.
I walked around all day checking to make sure my zipper wasn't down :-/
It was worth it though because I was able to wear a nice shirt, accessorize,
and hear Tony tell me I looked gorgeous! :)
You are probably thinking, then why didn't she wear a dress or sweats instead.
I wanted to dress in regular clothes and not be freezing or feel frumpy.
I wanted to feel back to normal.

I guess I'm not quite there yet...


Tami said...

Don't be too hard on yourself girl! Your body is still healing and it just takes time!

Nicole Marie said...

you will soon...just takes time...
perfect quote